Android fans slam Google Pixel 4’s bad battery life


It's not a good year for Google Pixel.
Photo: Google

Google’s latest Pixel smartphones might be able to compete with iPhone 11 in camera performance. But when it comes to battery life, they have no hope of keeping up.

Android fans are slamming the Pixel 4 lineup for its poor stamina in between charges. Even if you cough up extra for the XL model, you’ll get battery life that’s “just OK.”

Google takes aim at Apple with Pixel 4, Pixel Buds and more


Google has a bunch of new hardware coming down the pipeline.
Photo: Google

Google is gunning for Apple with a wave of new products designed to compete with everything from the iPhone to AirPods.

During its hour-long event this morning, Google revealed its best smartphone ever in the Pixel 4 and we must say, it actually looks pretty awesome. Google also came out with new smart speakers, WiFi routers, a new MacBook competitor and much more.

For a company that makes most of its money off of search engine ads, Google’s hardware game is finally looking like a worthy Apple challenger.

See Pixel 4’s new Face ID clone in action


Pixel 4
The Pixel 4 will challenge the iPhone later this year.
Photo: Google

Google’s next flagship smartphone will borrow one of the iPhone’s most popular new features when it launches later this year.

Full details of the upcoming Pixel 4 will be revealed this fall. For now, Google seems pretty content to keep spilling out teasers of the new phone. The company already gave a glimpse of the giant new camera on the back. Today we’re getting a look at the new Face ID copy-cat feature and another big surprise.

Check out the teaser: