Pinterest Announces New Android, iOS Apps To Broaden Audience



Social bookmarking service Pinterest today announced a new app for Android and iOS in a move to appeal to an even larger audience. If you’ve not used the service, it’s like a image-based social bookmarking system. You “pin” websites to your own Pinterest account, then share the pinned bookmarks via categorical lists. It has a heavy Facebook and Twitter integration as well, and last week it opened the doors to the general public, not requiring an invite any longer.

OKSU Printer Uses NFC To Link Your Digital And Physical Worlds




The OKSU printer is kind of like a real life Pinterest concept, only cooler, and not just for girls. Found some  Prada shoes you like but can’t afford? Print their picture out on the OKSU, pin them to your wall or something so you can drool over them everyday, and then when you finally got enough cash to buy them, you just drop the picture on top of the OKSU printer and the website pops up on your MacBook, iPad, or iPhone automatically. It’s magic, ta-da!

Turn Your iMac Into A One-Armed Productivity Monster With Twelve South’s HoverBar iPad Stand



Twelve South is known for making great products that don’t just look really cool, but serve higher functions without losing focus on maintaining simplicity. They’re one of the best Apple accessory makers on the planet, and their latest accessory is just another example of why the company is so successful. Meet the HoverBar. It’s an adjustable arm iPad stand that attaches to an iMac or Apple display allowing users to setup their iPad as a secondary touchscreen computer.