Business Insider: Ping Is A Flop



Short of your old Friendster or Myspace accounts, Ping is probably your least-used social network. Heck, if bits and bytes could collect dust, Ping sure would have on my machine.

So my guess is that not even the biggest Apple fan will get too indignant about Business Insider listing Ping amongst their fifteen biggest flops in the tech industry in 2010.

Apple Introduces Ping to iPad’s iTunes App



Apple quietly tweaked its iTunes application for the iPad today and introduced support for their music-based social network Ping.

Ping is now available through a tab at the bottom of the application, and it gives users access to their feed, their profile, who they follow, and who follows them. The function also connects to a Twitter account and automatically tweets anything you ‘like’ or post on Ping.

Ping for iPad also features a concerts section that allows users to see concerts coming up in their area, upcoming tours, which concerts they’re attending, and links to purchase tickets through Ticketmaster.

Will Apple Use As A URL Shortener for Tweeted Ping?



The recent integration of iTunes’ Ping with the Twtter microblogging platform has given Apple’s social music networking service a much needed boost after Facebook pulled integration at the last minute, but man, those Ping URLs are long, ugly and ungainly… an eyesore and an inconvenience in a service that limits messages to 140 characters or less.

Maybe an official iTunes link shortener would help things? MacRumors points out that Apple has owned the domain name since December 2006 when it was registered by them under MarkMonitor, Apple’s own domain-registering brand management firm.

Ping’s 9 Pages of Guidelines Try To Keep Unruly Artists In Line



Rockstars and musicians have ideas of their own when it comes to proper decorum. Invite them to perform at a party and they are just as likely to lay down an obscenity-laced, hip-hop style roll call of everyone who has ever showed them disrespect.

That’s why it just seems so darling that Apple is trying to get artists to conform to a nine page list of guidelines if they plan to use Ping, the social network no one really wants or needs.

Facebook Executive Says He’s “Very Confident” They Can Work With Apple on Ping



When Apple first unveiled Ping, its new music-based social network half-baked into the latest version of iTunes, Facebook integration wasn’t just promised… it was listed as a feature on Apple’s own promotional pages.

Nonetheless, much to users’ mystification, Ping launched with Facebook support M.I.A., a deal having fallen through at the last minute after fifteen months of talks due to what CEO Steve Jobs described as “onerous terms” on the part of the social network giant.

According to Silicon Valley Insider, though, Facebook CTO Bret Taylor is now saying that he is “very confident” that Facebook and Apple will figure out a way to work together on Ping.

Apple Issues iTunes 10.0.1 Update: Fixes Bugs, Adds Ping Sidebar



Apple has issued an update to iTunes today which brings with it several bug fixes, and adds some small features for its social music network, Ping. Version 1.0.1 weighs in at 86.4 MB, and it fixes the following bugs:

• Addresses an issue where the picture quality of a video changes depending on whether the on-screen controls are visible.
• Resolves an issue where iTunes may unexpectedly quit while interacting with album artwork viewed in a separate window.
• Fixes a problem that affects the performance of some third-party visualizers.
• Addresses an issue where the iTunes library and playlists appear empty.
• Resolves an issue that created an incompatibility with some third-party shared libraries.

As well as these bug fixes, new features for Ping now make it even easier to share your favorite music with your friends – instead of having to ‘like’ or post about music from the iTunes Store, you can now do it straight from your library. There’s also a new Ping sidebar:

iTunes 10.0.1 makes it easier to share your favorite music with your friends on Ping. You can now Like or Post about music right from your iTunes library. You can also easily see the recent activity of a selected artist in your library, or of all artists and friends you follow on Ping using the new Ping Sidebar.

Grab the update now via Software Update on your Mac, or from the Apple website here.

Ping : The Other Social Network



Apple’s new social network for music fans, Ping, has had a rough start.  People didn’t expect it to be a Facebook for music right away but they did expect more from Apple.  After years of social media hype many people thought Apple would have learned from the mistakes others have made.  While Ping might not be the best idea Apple has ever had, I think when will look back years from now we will wonder what took them so long! For those of you who have turned on Ping, here are some things Ping should have and a few tips to make your Ping experience a little better. Read more after the break.

iTunes 10 Now Available For Download



As revealed yesterday, The latest version of Apple’s iTunes media-managing software, iTunes 10, is now available to download through Software Update or via direct download here.

iTunes 10 has long been rumored to be the first version of iTunes that capitalized upon Apple’s acquisition of Lala and brought cloud-streaming to the masses, but Steve Jobs belied that expectation yesterday by saying that Apple remains “skeptical” of the cloud for the time being.

Instead, the major new feature in iTunes 10 is Ping, a baked-in social network based around music discovery. You can follow friends and artists like on Twitter and be alerted to new music that they rate and review, while also giving the heads up to friends about hot new tracks you might enjoy.