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Learn to play piano and write music with this inexpensive training bundle


Add music to your hobbies with this piano and music composition training bundle.
Anyone can master the piano and learn how music works for less than $30 with these courses.
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Nothing makes you appreciate music more than being able to play and compose it. The Learn to Play the Piano & Music Composition Bundle teaches you how music works, step by step.

And right now, you can get hundreds of music lessons for less than you’d typically pay for a single piano lesson!

Learn piano at your own pace with this discounted subscription


Learn the piano at your own pace with help from this discounted subscription.
Piano skills are more attainable than ever with this low price on Skoove Premium lessons.
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Music is a calling for plenty of people, but daily routines and financial realities often disrupt that passion. If you’ve got an itch to scratch when it comes to musical ambition, and piano is your instrument of choice, consider taking things to another level in 2023 with a lifetime subscription to Skoove Premium Piano Lessons.

Normally sold for $299, our current Same You, New Hobby discounts drop that cost to only $119.99 through January 9, 2023, with no coupon required.

Give the last-minute gift of music with these $30 piano and guitar lessons


Get this $1600 piano bootcamp on sale for less than $4 a course today
These no-shipping music lessons make the perfect last-minute Christmas gift.
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Not sure what to get the person who has everything this Christmas? Forget useless gifts they’ll never unbox and give them something they’ll appreciate. This mega-bundle of piano and guitar lessons from top instructors has earned rave user reviews and doesn’t require any shipping time, making it a fantastic last-minute gift.

During our Last Chance Sale, you can purchase the collection for just $29.99 (regularly $1,600).

Learn piano with this AI-powered, App Store Editor’s Choice subscription


This AI-powered piano app is your key to a new hobby.
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Whether you want to revive your long-lost musical talent or pursue a long-held dream of learning the piano, this lifetime subscription to Skoove Premium Piano Lessons will teach you to tickle the ivories.

The highly rated app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch uses an engaging blend of interactive lessons, songs and artificial intelligence to help you learn to play the piano. Plus, you can get this subscription for an additional 20% off with Mother’s Day coupon code WELOVEMOM.

Learn to play piano with this AI-fueled app


This AI powered app will help you learn and master the piano
Get a lifetime of virtual piano lessons that adapt to your skill level and musical style.
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From Siri interactions to cars with autopilot, there’s no end to what artificial intelligence powers these days. Simply put, AI is a computer system (or machine) that can perform tasks or solve problems that ordinarily require human intelligence — as opposed to simple programming, where humans input the end result into a machine.

Now, AI is so prevalent that it’s used in many apps. And this one can teach you how to play the piano.

Learn guitar, piano or music production with one of these discounted bundles


These music courses are the perfect way to kick off your new year productively
These music courses are the perfect way to kick off your new year productively.
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Do you remember when you decided you would use your extra time during quarantine to pick up a hobby or learn something new? Well, 10 months have passed, and we’re rolling into a new year with continuing restrictions due to COVID-19.

But don’t let that discourage you. One fun and productive hobby you can pick up is playing music. And we have some great musical training bundles that’ll help you start 2021 off right.

The expensive piano Steve Jobs bought the Mac team lives on


Don't even think about playing the Samsung ringtone.
Photo: Freddy Anzures/Instagram

From lavishing employees with stock options to offering inspirational speeches to just plain yelling at folks, Steve Jobs had plenty of methods he could use to drive people to do their best work.

When it came to developing the original Macintosh, however, he had another ace up his sleeve: he bought them a crazy expensive piano. And, from the look of things, it lives on at Apple.

Homemade iPad robot is a piano-playing prodigy


iPad mini 4
It turns out the iPad can be a pretty great piano player.
Photo: Buster Hein/Cult of Mac

It’s pretty darn cool watching talented human musicians bust out music using an iPad, but one thing we’re all limited by is the ability to react perfectly to 120 frames of motion each second.

Which is why it’s awesome to see the work of YouTube user DenverFinn, who recently built a D.I.Y. robot with the express aim of breaking the record for iPad piano game Piano Tiles. With the aid of an iPhone and a homemade machine able to hammer a specific tile on the screen when asked to, DenverFinn’s robot shows prodigy levels of piano-playing excellence.

Check out the video below.

Apple-approved piano teaches you to play the smart way


The ONE Smart Piano can help rescue a beginner bored with their private lessons.
The ONE Smart Piano can help rescue a beginner bored with their private lessons.
Photo: The ONE Music Group

Ben Ye knew what could happen as he watched his son chafe and grow bored during private piano lessons. But to keep his son’s interest in music, Ye felt he’d have to do the seemingly impossible: build a new kind of piano and reinvent the way it is taught.

Ye did both and what started as an effort to keep alive an interest in music for his son became available this week in the United States. The ONE Smart Piano, the first Apple MFi-certified smart piano, combines a full-sized piano and a dedicated iOS app that can show a beginner how to play a favorite song in as little as 10 minutes or less.

Learn To Play Like A Pro With GarageBand For Mac [OS X Tips]


music lessons garageband

While the latest version of Apple’s fantastic (and free!) music production suite, GarageBand, has lost some functionality like podcasting and Magic GarageBand, it still has plenty to recommend it for those new to music or old vets alike.

One of these cool features is the Learn to Play function, which has some pretty good basic music tutorials baked right in, along with the capability to purchase videos from hit artists like Sting and Norah Jones, who teach you how to play some of their famous songs.

It’s a pretty heady set of music learning; here’s how to access it. Getting really good at your instrument will take more than watching a video or three, but this is a great start if you want to try your hand at the guitar or piano.