Apple Isn’t Buying Failed Social Network Color, They’re Just Hiring The Guys Who Made It



A flurry of rumors have surrounded the failed video app start-up Color over the past 24 hours. First a rumors hit that Color was going to completely shutdown after failing to gain widespread use after a year. A few hours later a second rumor claimed that Color wasn’t shutting down, they were just being bought by Apple.

It appears that both rumors were completely wrong and sort of right at the same time. Color – as a company – isn’t being purchased by Apple for an eight figure sum, but Apple is buying Color’s team of 20 engineers for a modest figure of $2 million to $5 million.

Save Space And Delete All Your iPhone Photos At Once [iOS Tips]


iPhone Camera Delete

Photos take up a lot of space on our iOS devices. It’s important to many of us with the lower end iPhones to leave enough room on the device to capture new photos, let alone apps and music and books.

With the advent of Photostream, it’s easy to have the photos we take on our iPhone show up on our Macs or iPads, so deleting them from the iPhone makes a lot of sense and is much less of a scary proposition. Here’s how.

Quickly Access iPhone Photos From The Finder [iOS Tips]


PhotoStream Images

Taking photos is a ton of fun, especially with our nearly ubiquitous iPhones or iPads. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen in the last month or so snapping pictures with the big tablet device. Looks silly, but makes sense.

How do you get them to your Mac, though? You could email them, one at a time, or you can connect the device to the Mac and grab them via iPhoto. These days, you can even use PhotoStream in iPhoto to see the latest photos you’ve taken on any PhotoStream-enabled iOS device. Todays tip is even faster than that.

New Leak Shows Microsoft Gearing Up To Battle iCloud On Mac Desktops



In addition to iCloud, there are a number of other cloud services available to Mac and iOS users. Dropbox,, and Google Docs all come to mind immediately and each offers its own set of features. Another option that isn’t discussed so much by Apple users is Microsoft’s SkyDrive.

Although SkyDrive has offered a basic iOS app and web access from Macs and iOS devices, the functionality has been a bit limited. Newly leaked details of an OS X SkyDrive app, however, indicate that Microsoft may be planning to compete against iCloud on Apple’s home turf.