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Nab the AI photo-editing app loved by designers for less than $40 


Create magazine-worthy photography in just a few clicks with this AI-powered editing app.
Create eye-catching images with this award-winning AI photo editing software.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

You don’t need to be a trained photographer or artist to produce stunning images. With smart software powered by artificial intelligence, you can easily edit your photos so they look their best in seconds.

Award-winning app Luminar AI is the perfect example of this. And right now, you can grab The Complete Award-Winning Luminar AI Bundle for just $39.99. That’s an 82% discount off the regular price of $235.

Do more with your Mac with this media editing bundle


This media bundle will improve your Mac experience.
Edit, record and convert videos with these discounted Mac apps!
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As much as we see them constantly, many people don’t realize how difficult it is to capture and edit pictures and movies. And if the skill required isn’t enough, sometimes it’s hard even finding software that can do all that without breaking the bank.
The Essential 2022 Movavi Multimedia Software Bundle gives you everything you need to capture, record and edit video and images, and it’s on sale for $79 (regularly $219).

Get a 78% discount on this popular video-editing suite


Movavi apps give you total control over your photos and videos.
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Video and photo editing is easier now than it’s ever been. There are thousands of apps to choose from, as well as built-in filters on phones and popular social media apps like Instagram.

But when it comes to elite, professional-level editing software that’s easy to use, there’s only one option: Movavi. For a limited time, you can download the entire suite of Movavi photo and video editing software for just $49.99 (78% off).

Edit photos like never before with Luminar, the world’s first AI-powered editor


Award-winning photo software Luminar 4 will take your shots to the next level.
Photo: Skylum

These days, you don’t need to be a professional photographer with a with a DSLR to snap high-quality photos. If only the same could be said for photo editing. Tweaking colors, shadows and light can be an intimidating and overwhelming endeavor for the casual photographer who wants the best photos.

Perhaps that’s why Luminar 4 is so popular. This award-winning software is the world’s first AI-powered photo editor. Available now at an 85% discount, Luminar 4 comes bundled along with photography lectures and editing add-ons for just $39.99.

Finally, a simple photo editor focused on drone aerial photography [Deals]


AirMagic Photo Editor
Quickly and easily touch up those beautiful aerial drone shots with this Mac app.
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Drones aren’t just fun toys anymore. Drones are changing…well, everything. Drones are delivering medical supplies in Africa, keeping school kids safe in Indiana and improving our understanding of tornado behavior in Texas.

And oh, the aerial photography. From shooting action sequences in “Game of Thrones” to changing the real estate game, it’s not enough just to capture aerial footage. That footage actually has to look brilliant too.

Luminar 3 imaging app gives photogs more time to shoot


Luminar 3
Luminar 3 adds image libraries.
Photo: Skylum

Luminar, Skylum Software’s all-in-one photo editing program, will soon add more tools so photographers spend less time using it.

That may sound strange, but photographers would rather spend time behind the camera than in front of the computer. Skylum, formerly called Macphun, exists to make the complex tools for editing user-friendly.

Macphun photographers to get retooled Aurora HDR 2018


Aurora HDR from Macphun will soon have a new interface and great power.
Photo: Trey Ratcliff/Macphun

Imaging software company Macphun today announced a faster, more powerful version of its popular Aurora HDR.

Available for pre-order next month, Aurora HDR 2018 includes a redesigned user interface, speed upgrades in RAW imaging processing and merging and masking performance, and a lens correction tool that fixes chromatic aberration, vignetting and other forms of distortion.

Macphun adds AI power to photo editing app


Macphun adds artificial intelligence to Luminar with its Neptune update.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

When Macphun entered the imaging software game, it wanted to make products as powerful as Photoshop, Aperture or Lightroom yet with fewer clicks to well-styled photos.

Today, Macphun released an update to its all-in-one editing app Luminar that can make a photo beautiful in still fewer steps.

How does one sound?

Macphun tools will make photos look like tintype relics


Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

I keep telling myself I’m going to buy an old wooden camera with a brass barrel lens and take one of those workshops where I learn some 19th-century photographic process. But I know myself. The steps are exacting and tedious, the chemistry complicated and my patience and attention for such details could fit in a pixel.

So when imaging software company Macphun developed a beautiful set of one-click presets that emulate tintypes and other old photo finishes, I felt like I found a process I could master.

Photo app Luminar blends power and simplicity [Review]


Luminar will help you replace the picture you took with the picture you saw.
Luminar will help you replace the picture you took with the picture you saw.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

Musicians who can’t read sheet music play by ear. What about a photographer who doesn’t fully understand the science behind imaging software?

That’s me and I’d call myself a fiddler. When it comes to toning an image in Adobe Photoshop, I don’t analyze the spikes on a histogram or adjust pixel color values. I fiddle with a picture until it looks right.

Macphun seems to design photo imaging programs with my brain in mind. Its newest app, an all-in-one program called Luminar lets photographers of all levels quickly improve the look of a photograph without even knowing how certain tools work.