Are All Windows 7 Phones The Same? Pretty Much [MWC 2012]


Microsoft's strict Win 7 specs mean there isn't much to differentiate handsets
Microsoft's strict Win 7 specs mean there isn't much to differentiate handsets

BARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2012 — There’s a curious flipside to Microsoft’s iron-grip on the minimum specs for Windows 7 phones: They’re pretty much all alike. This is clearly to Microsoft’s advantage — who cares what brand is on the box as longs as it runs Windows? But it makes it hard to write much about new handsets unless they have great style (Nokia) or, say, a fancy camera. And so there is almost nothing to say about the ZTE Orbit.

What Phones Looked Like Before And After The iPhone Transformed The Industry [Image]



Ask a lot of people who don’t use iPhones like to dismiss Apple’s impact on the smartphone industry. Hey, we had PDA-like smartphones with touchscreens before the iPhone, so what’s the big deal?

Such logic is patently absurd, but as it often does, a picture says a thousand words about how a thousand shitty devices did things before the iPhone came around, and how the makers of these crappy phones do things now that the iPhone is the gold standard of smartphone design.

Think that’s pathetic? Check out how tablets changed after the iPad too. Unreal!

[image by Josh Heifferich, via AppAdvice]

Best Buy Offering $50 Gift Card To Anyone Who Upgrades To A New Phone Before December 31, 2012 [Deal Alert]



Best Buy is offering up a $50 Gift Card to anyone who upgrades to a new phone before the end of the year. The promo is actually a bit confusing as you have to already have an existing mobile number and you must register that number before February 12, 2012 to be eligible for the promo. Then, when you finally decide to upgrade your phone, you must upgrade using the number you registered and then you will be provided with your $50 gift card. Whew, I’m glad I got that cleared that up.

Looking For A Worthy Competitor To Apple? Nokia’s Got The Goods [CES 2012]


Stephen Elop

LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 — Over the past year, Nokia has been making steady incremental improvements to reshape the company’s image by showing the world that greatness doesn’t come to those who merely copy what the best company is doing. Greatness is achieved by setting yourself apart from the competition by taking a radically different path than everyone else. Apple has known this fact for decades and have used it become the most admired company in the world, and during Nokia’s press conference today it was readily apparent that the only company that should be viewed as a truly worthy adversary to Apple in the mobile market is Nokia.