An exoskeleton named Phoenix removes cost as a barrier to walking


Steve Sanchez says the Phoenix is a breakthrough in exoskeleton comfort. “This is the first suit I’ve tried where I don’t feel like I am riding a robot," he said.
Photo: SuitX

Dr. Homayoon Kazerooni has created bionic machinery that can help a person rise out of a wheelchair and walk. Yet, there’s one barrier preventing some people from walking – cost.

This week, Kazerooni’s work takes an important step forward. His company, SuitX debuted a lightweight exoskeleton, dubbed Phoenix, for people with mobility disorders at an initial price of $40,000, about two to four times cheaper than other devices.

Apple Store iOS App Offering 6 Free Songs To Promote iTunes Festival



Apple’s 30-day concert series is about to take off in just three days, so to promote the iTunes Festival and the bevy of artists that will be putting on free shows, the Apple Store iOS app is giving away six free tracks to iOS users.

To get the free tracks all you have to do is download the Apple Store app and then tap on the “30 Nights of Music” section on the main screen. The offer officially expires on October 31st, 2013.

The full track list:

How A Bunch Of Hardcore Bikers Stopped Making Hot Rod Parts To Make iPhone Cases [Feature]


Bill Karas (pictured above) has switched his business from making hot rod parts to iPhone cases, and it's paying off

Bill Karas isn’t your typical biker. Yes, he’s got the type of facial hair that would make ZZ Top proud. He’s even got his own custom shop where he can build you anything your bike or hot rod needs.

But behind all the facial hair, metal music, and hot rod loving exterior, Bill Karas and his crew at Karas Kustoms have found something far more exciting and lucrative than building hotrods: making iPhone cases.

How does a group of bikers go from building custom steering columns to iPhone cases? It was pretty much a compete accident, but it starts with a pen and Kickstarter.

Randomly-Generated SHMUP Phoenix Now Available On The App Store



Although I actually play them with what can only be described as garish, butter-fingered ineptitude, I love SHMUPs, and so I’m really excited to take Firi Games’ new $0.99 shoot-em-up Phoenix for a spin.

Not only does the graphics and action look absolutely fantastic — a throwback to some of my favorite SHMUPs like Cho Ren Sha 68k — but Phoenix boasts one nifty little trick to separate itself from competition like Cave’s Espagaluga II: while most SHMUPs are all about pattern recognition, Phoenix is totally random, piecing different enemy ships and bullet patterns together on the fly so that no game is ever the same.