iPhone 5 Captures Steve Jobs’s Super Yacht On Camera [Video]


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Want to see Steve Jobs’s new super-yacht up close and live in the riveted flesh? Well, here’s the next best thing: a vdeo taken by Amsterdam-best investor Michiel Frackers of the Venus, a vessel which will soon be leaving port after a misunderstanding about the terms of payment between Jobs’s family and the ship’s designer Phillipe Starck was resolved.

Steve Jobs’s Super Yacht Is Now Free To Sail The High Seas



One of the last design projects Steve Jobs ever worked on was his super-yacht Venus, which he co-designed with famed designer Phillipe Starck. Unfortunately, though Venus was completed, it looked a little dicey for a while that it would actually hit the high seas, as a dispute between Starck and Jobs’s estate over payment lead to Venus being impounded. Now, that dispute is apparently at an end.