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Philips Creator Series 27E2F7901: A high-quality desktop display at a lower price


Philips Creator Series 27E2F7901
This Mac-style display doesn’t come with a Mac-style price tag.
Photo: Philips

The Philips Creator Series 27E2F7901 is an expansive 27-inch desktop display for your Mac that offers a high degree of color accuracy and quality in a crisp 4K resolution.

This post is brought to you by Philips.
Its specs make it a compelling choice for creative work on a big, beautiful screen. The slim and modern aluminum design will make it an attractive centerpiece to any Mac setup. And it comes at a much lower price than other displays in the same category at an affordable $499.99, with an industry-leading four-year warranty.

Mac mini and MacBook Pro trade off in student rig [Setups]


Both a MacBook Pro and a Mac mini drive this setup.
Both a MacBook Pro and a Mac mini drive this setup.
Photo: hyqmavericks@Reddit.com

Back in our day — when we walked 5 miles uphill to school both ways — students were lucky to have plywood on cinderblocks for a desk and a laptop weighing, oh, let’s say 25 pounds (we’re too old to remember things).

Nowadays, these kids have pretty swanky computer setups with desktop machines you could toss in a knapsack. Today’s featured item boasts a Mac mini, a MacBook Pro, a 4K display, Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad 2 and a Lego building set to die for.

How do you fix that wobbling screen? [Setups]


A wobbling monitor will drive you mad in short order.
A wobbling monitor will drive you mad in short order.
Photo: csDarkyne@Reddit.com

Imagine buying a massive new ultra-wide, curved monitor to display what you do on your Macs in style. But once you get it all set up, the monstrous thing won’t stop wobbling.

Today’s featured M1 MacBook Pro and Mac mini setup suffers just that problem, despite the use of a recommended monitor arm attached to a solid standing desk.

Check out the advice the user got and all the gear in play below.

This is how you maximize space and fill it with sound and light [Setups]


This excellent use of space is brought to you by a standing desk, a mounted ultra-wide display and MacBook Pro, and inventive wall storage.
This excellent use of space is brought to you by a standing desk, a mounted ultra-wide display and MacBook Pro, and inventive wall storage.
Photo: BeatKnicker@Reddit.com

Not everyone has a huge desk with ample room for their computer setup and loads of associated gear. But with a few smart moves, anyone can make the most of a small desk in a cramped space.

Today’s featured setup is a good example. It takes advantage of a standing desk, displays mounted on arms and ample wall-mounted storage to maximize limited space.

And the audio gear and lighting don’t disappoint, either.

You, too, can achieve pleasing symmetry and soft lighting [Setups]


A desk with a metal frame and a bunch or clips and magnets help make a great setup.
A desk with a metal frame and a bunch of clips and magnets help make a great setup.
Photo: QasimZafaraYouTube@Reddit

Quasim Zafar’s neatly laid out computer setup serves as his filming area for YouTube product reviews, his general workstation using a 2020 M1 Mac mini and his Xbox Series S gaming station where he plays Call of Duty.

But that’s only incidental to what you’ll probably love about it and want for your own setup.

Philips’ new Hue lights are ready to take over your home


The White and Color Ambiance Enchant Pendant Lights.
Photo: Philips

Philips wants to cover your home from the inside to the outside with its new lineup of smart lightbulbs that debuted today.

The new collection includes the smart vanity mirror that leaked last month and has a ton of new lights that are perfect for your bathroom, living room, bedroom, den or even the backyard.

Philips Adore mirror brings HomeKit automation into the bathroom


The Philips Adore bathroom mirror can e controlled through Apple's HomeKit home automation.
The Philips Adore bathroom mirror can be controlled through Apple's HomeKit home automation.
Photo: Philips

Think about how nice it would be to have the best lighted bathroom mirror and dim the lights without having to get out of the tub. That’s one of the promises of the Adore Bathroom lighted mirror as it can be controlled from your iPhone or iPad.

The center of this product is a standard mirror that’s about 20 inches across. This is surrounded by a while LED light that can be dim or bright.

$299 off Panasonic 4K HD TV, $278 off Canon EOS Rebel Bundle, and more [Deals]


Daily Deals Roundup 10.28
Score huge savings on bundles for Amazon Echo Dot, PlayStation 4 and Canon EOS Rebel.
Photos: Amazon, Sony, Canon

Big-name brands are acting especially generous this week — we found deals on Panasonic, Sony and even KitchenAid products. eBay is back at it again with a new-and-improved PlayStation 4 bundle. Amazon’s cutting the price on its Echo smart home package. And Walmart is joining the fray with a major deal on a Panasonic 50-inch HD TV.

Read on for all the juicy details.

Apple would be stupid to drop the iPhone headphone jack


iPhone 6 headphone jack
Gone and almost forgotten.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

If Apple is really planning to kill the iPhone headphone jack in the model it reveals next year, it’s ditching 60 years of history.

Rumors that the next iPhone could do away with the industry-standard 3.5mm port in Apple’s relentless pursuit of thinness have been around for a while, but they’re seeing a resurgence thanks to a post on a Japanese blog. The article cites “a reliable source” that claims the Cupertino company will shave 1mm off the phone’s thickness by dropping the just-way-too-fat jack in favor of proprietary Lightning connectors.

But if Apple actually does this, it’s kind of a huge deal.

Philips’ noise-canceling Lightning headphones don’t need batteries



Photo: No noise, just signal. Photo: Philips

It was Philips that managed to beat, err, Beats to the first Lightning headphones last year, and at CES the company has taken it to the next level: announcing a new $299 pair that also offers noise cancellation.

Cult_of_Mac_CES_2015 Called the Fidelio NC1L, the battery-free headphones plug straight into iOS devices using the Lightning connector, and boast their own integrated 24-bit digital-to-analog converter rather than the one Apple builds into its devices.