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Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs’ yacht launches — without Steve


Steve Jobs' yacht was designed by Philippe Starck.
Steve Jobs' distinctive yacht was designed by Philippe Starck.
Photo: Willem Oldenburg

October 28: Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs' yacht launches -- without Steve October 28, 2012: More than a year after Steve Jobs’ death, the luxury yacht he commissioned is finally shown off for the first time, launched from a shipyard in North Holland.

Called Venus, the distinctive-looking yacht was one of the big personal projects Jobs pursued in his last years. As he told biographer Walter Isaacson, “I have to keep going on it. If I don’t, it’s an admission that I’m about to die.”

Sadly, Jobs never lived to see the finished vessel.

Steve Jobs’ yacht designer created Xiaomi’s insane new concept phone


Xiaomi's latest smartphone is a stunner.
Photo: Xiaomi

The Mi Mix, an intriguing new concept phone from Xiaomi, offers an edgeless 6.4-inch display in a form factor no bigger than a regular 5.7-inch handset.

The feature-packed new smartphone was designed in partnership with French designer Philippe Starck, who is perhaps most familiar to Cult of Mac readers as the man who designed Steve Jobs’ high-tech yacht.

Steve Jobs’s Yacht Impounded As Designer Awaits $3.96 Million Fee



The yacht Steve Jobs was building before he passed away on October 2011 has been impounded over a €3 million (approx. $3.96 million) fee owed to designed Philippe Starck. Called Venus, the yacht cost Jobs more than €100 million to build, but he never got to use it. Now it will remain in Amsterdam port pending payment by lawyers representing Jobs’s estate.

What Steve Jobs’ Yacht Tells Us About His Design Process


Steve Jobs told Walter Isaacson that he didn't want to leave wife Laurene with a half-built boat.
Steve Jobs told Walter Isaacson that he didn't want to leave wife Laurene with a half-built boat.

A year after Steve Jobs’ passing, the yacht he had been working on with famed French designer Philippe Starck finally made it out to sea. Venus is a beautiful ship that conforms to all of Steve Jobs’ philosophies on minimalist design, and it reveals a lot about Steve Jobs’ design process. that took five years to build.

The entire project took five yeas to complete as Jobs and Starck perfected the design of the yacht millimeter by millimeter. In a recent interview, Philippe Starck explains what it was like to work on designing the yacht with Steve Jobs and what the design says about Jobs’ design process.