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Smartphones are killing laptops and desktops, but tablet sales grow


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More Americans own tablet than did two years ago. The same can't be said of laptop and desktop ownership.
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The number of Americans who own an iPad or other tablet computer increased marginally in the past two years. However, ownership of a laptop/desktop has dropped significantly in the same period.

Smartphone ownership stayed at the high rate it’s held since 2016. And that’s what’s really cutting into sales of traditional computers.

Teens are starting to realize they have a screen-addiction


Sometimes this feels like the only way to spend less time with our smartphone.
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Self-reflection can be good, especially if that reflection is on the screen of your iPhone.

A Pew Research Center study on screen time and device distraction show more than 50 percent of all teenagers admit they spend too much time on their screens. The parents who say they fear for their children also admit they have device distraction problems of their own.