Apple Will Hold An Apple TV-Related Event In March [Rumor]



Along with making ridiculous predictions like the impending arrival of an iTV, analysts have now taken to predicting when Apple will hold their next keynotes.

If you believe Peter Misek from Jefferies, then Apple is going to hold an Apple TV-related event in March, but there probably won’t be any new hardware on display, just software.

iPhone 5 Sales Are Decelerating Faster Than Expected, Says Analyst



Tim Cook said that Apple couldn’t even make enough iPhone 5s to keep up with demand last year. Shoot, Apple sold 5 million iPhone 5 units in the first weekend, so we’re keen to believe Tim.

However, a report from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek this morning is claiming the iPhone 5 is loosing its juice, and sales are starting to drop a lot faster than anyone expected.

iPhone 5S To Arrive In June In 6-8 Colors With NFC, ‘Super HD’ Camera [Analyst]


The iPod touch is a much better idea than creating cheap iPhone models.
Will the iPhone 5S be just as colorful as the new iPod touch?

Those analysts are some crazy cats. When you’re having a drab day, you can always count on one of them to pull something spectacular out of the bag. Jefferies analyst Peter Misek has done exactly that today when he unveiled his predictions for Apple’s iPhone 5S.

The handset will arrive in June, Misek believes, just nine months after the iPhone 5 made its debut, and it’ll boast NFC connectivity and a “super HD” camera. It’ll also come in 6-8 colors, apparently.

I laughed at Misek’s predictions when I first read them, but could he be right?

Apple’s HDTV Will Be Called The iPanel, Cost $1,250 [Rumor]



Popular belief is that if Apple does end up releasing their long-rumored smart TV, they’ll call it the iTV… but there’s problems with that, not least of which is that there are at least two companies out there called iTV who are threatening to sue if Apple does so.

So what will they call it? Analyst Peter Misek — who believes the Apple TV is imminent — thinks it’ll be called the iPanel, and Apple will be building up to 5M of them starting in May.