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Up Your Design Game With The Name Your Own Price Premium Fonts Bundle [Deals]


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Let’s face it: you can never have enough fonts.

There are plenty of great fonts included with your computer, but when it comes to putting together something unique in terms of a website, document, or other design-oriented efforts, the morefonts you have at your disposal the better off you are. That’s why Cult of Mac Deals is pleased to bring you an offer that packages over 30 premium fonts in one bundle – and what’s more is that you can choose what you want to pay for it and get to help one of three charities of your choosing in the process!

That’s right. With The Name Your Own Price Premium Fonts Bundle you’ll get a slew of incredible fonts at a price that you decide to pay. Plus you can help Child’s Play, World Wildlife Fund, or Creative Commons as 10% of your purchase price gets donated to whichever one of those charities you choose. This bundle is a winner no matter which way you slice it.

Humble Bundle For Android 3 Gains Four More Bonus Games [Deal Alert]



Remember that great Humble Bundle For Android 3 we told you about last week? Well, it just got better! Four new games have been added to the list of bonus games customers will get for paying over the average (which is currently $6.33). That’s a total of 9 games for just over $6! Plus you get to feel good about helping out the Child’s Play Charity (no affiliation with Chucky) along with great developers who make these games. A win-win situation for everyone!

Humble Bundle Returns: Pay What You Want And Receive 4 Games Never-Before-Seen On Android



The Humble Bundle is back again, this time bringing five games never-before-seen on Android. If you’re wondering what Humble Bundle is, it’s a pay-what-you-want bundle of multi-platform, DRM-free, and independently developed games. Not only do customers get to pick their own price, but they also get to allocate their payment by deciding how much goes to the developers, how much goes to charity, and how much goes to Humble Bundle (which pays for the bandwidth and development of the promotion). They usually offer a slew of games for the price of “whatever” and then throw in a bonus game for those willing to pay more than the average customer (which isn’t that expensive).