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EU regulators move closer to banning Lightning cable


The bottom of the XR: The Lightning port isn't perfectly aligned with the speaker holes, and of course, there's no speaker jack.
The days every iPhone has a Lightning port may well be numbered.
Photo: Kristal Chan/Cult of Mac

In a move that seems squarely aimed at killing Apple’s Lightning port, a large majority of the European Parliament voted in favor of establishing a common charger standard for mobile devices.

This is only a step in a process that is likely to see the Lightning connector banned from devices sold in Europe, but it’s a significant one.

Apple defends iPhone slowdown in Canadian parliament


iPhone SE 2 could cost $399 just like the first-gen iPhone SE
Apple's still defending the iPhone slowdown controversy.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple and Geekbench’s John Poole have testified in front of Canada’s House of Commons committee regarding the iPhone slowdown controversy, and how Apple handled it.

A representative for Apple Canada read prepared remarks, saying that the offending iOS update was intended to help devices continue to use old iPhones for longer. Meanwhile, Poole was asked to explain a few technical details of the slowdown and his thoughts on whether Apple purposely mislead the public.

Time’s up for Apple Watches in U.K. Cabinet meetings


Theresa May worries Russian hackers could hack Apple Watch.
Photo: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

U.K. Prime minister Theresa May has banned ministers from wearing Apple Watches during Cabinet meetings, due to fears that they could be hacked by Russian spies for use as listening devices, a new report claims.

Under the leadership of former prime minister David Cameron, several members of the cabinet wore Apple Watches, including former Justice Secretary Michael Gove. Mobile phones have also been banned for the same reason.

UK Parliament Wants To Buy An iPad For Every MP


Britain's government could soon be run on iPads. Photo by hozinja (CC BY 2.0)
Britain's government could soon be run on iPads. Photo by hozinja (CC BY 2.0)

Over in rainy Britain, members of parliament (MPs) might have something to smile about. The Commons Administration Committee has recommended that they all be given iPads and cellular data plans. This would cost a relatively small amount, around £260,000 ($415,000) plus data plans.