Apple TV+ is the only streaming service that takes your privacy seriously


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Most streaming services are watching you while you watch them.
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Almost every video streaming service except Apple TV+ is selling your data to third-party companies and tracking your viewing habits for targeted ads. A new report from Common Sense Media exposes the loose privacy policies employed by most streaming providers, including Amazon and Netflix.

“Many viewers know that free streaming apps are most likely selling their personal information, but most viewers may not know that most paid sub‐ scription streaming apps are also selling users’ data,” warns the report.

How to get a month of Paramount+ free via Apple TV


Get a month of Paramount+ free through Apple TV.
Get a month of Paramount+ free through Apple TV.
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Apple TV users can get a free month of Paramount+, the streaming service formerly known as CBS All Access, Apple said Monday in a tweet.

The trial offer, running now through June 30, is available to new Paramount+ subscribers in the United States when they sign up through the Apple TV app. As not all free trial offers on Apple TV last a full month, this is a good one. Here’s how to jump on it and watch Paramount+ originals like Star Trek: Picard and Jordan Peele’s reboot of The Twilight Zone. The streaming service also offers movies from the Mission: Impossible and Star Trek franchises.

CBS All Access will get a new name: Paramount+


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CBS All Access we hardly knew you!
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Question: What’s the best way to lessen customer confusion in the convoluted world of streaming video-on-demand services? Answer: Add another title with a “+” at the end of it, of course.

That’s exactly what the service formerly known as CBS All Access said it will do Tuesday, as the service changes its name to Paramount+, joining the list of plus-named competitors like Apple TV+ and Disney+.

Defend Your Beer Tickets With Old School iOS Tower Defense Game


Ain't no school like the old school.
Ain't no school like the old school.

Now, when we say Old School, we’re talking about the 2003 movie starring Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, and Will Ferrell as three old dudes trying to recapture the joy of their frat-bound youth, to hilarious (and naked) effect. Hard to believe it’s been ten years since the movie came out, really. We’re also talking about a new tower defense game, also called Old School.

As the tenth anniversary of the film’s release is next month, it’s fitting that Canadian developer, Big Blue Bubble, should bring Old School to the iOS platform in collaboration with the film’s distributor, Paramount Pictures.