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Access your desktop apps and files from your iPhone with Parallels [Deals]


Parallels Access
Access your files straight from your device
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If you’ve tried a desktop client for your mobile device, it was probably not the most streamlined affair. Many remote desktop apps don’t emphasize mobile interactions, after all. So they require lots of pinching and zooming just to get a good view of a file or app.

Parallels Access Lets You Control Your Mac Or Windows PC From Your iPad



Parallels is known for allowing Windows apps to run alongside OS X without the need for a restart. It’s the only emulator of its kind that’s sold in the Apple Store, and now Parallels is venturing into another store of Apple’s, the iOS App Store.

Parallels Access is a new iPad app that lets you control your Mac or Windows PC from anywhere. What sets it apart is that Access “applifies” desktop programs to make them look and behave like native apps on the iPad.