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Wallgram Turns Instagram Photos Into iPhone Wallpapers



If you’re anything like me, you’ll change your iPhone’s wallpaper on a regular basis to keep things fresh, but finding a good one isn’t always easy. At least that was the case — until Wallgram came along. Wallgram isn’t just another photo bank full of images; it uses Instagram photos uploaded by your friends to create beautiful parallax wallpapers.

You Can Now Create Your Own iOS 7 Redesign Masterpiece





We’ve all had more than enough time to get used to iOS 7 now that it’s been out for a few weeks, but some people still hate Sir Jony’s parallax masterpiece. For those of you dreaming of a different interface on your iPhone, devoid of gradients and helvetica nue, there’s a new tool from UsvsTh3m that will let you create your own iOS 7 redesign masterpiece.

Visitors can tweak iOS 7’s icons, background, font, colors, and most importantly, those horrific shadows. Of course these changes aren’t really going to show up on your iPhone but you can have a bit of fun with friends and share your masterpiece with the world.

Think your version is better than Jony’s? Post your iOS 7 redesign in the comments below and we’ll add it to our gallery.



Source: USvsTh3m


Chrome For iOS Is Sharing The Sordid Searches You Make In Incognito Mode



Let’s not beat around the bush; the incognito mode built into Google Chrome for iOS is used for one thing, and that’s browsing websites that you wouldn’t want others to know you were browsing. But you should stop it — right now.

It appears that the latest release added a nasty bug that causes all of those sordid searches you make in incognito mode to be shared with the regular browser window — as well as Google Chrome on your Mac or PC if you have them all set up to sync with each other.

Download And Use These High-Res Parallax Wallpapers On Your iOS 7 iPhone [Gallery]


Nice hair.
Nice hair.

Redditor corvettevan has been collecting parallax wallpapers for use with iOS 7’s new visual feature for a little while now, and he decided to put up a Tumblr blog to archive them all and make them available to you for download.

While we showed you how to make your own parallax-flavored wallpapers for your iPhone or iPad, this is a much faster way to get some cool stuff on your iPhone that didn’t already come with the iOS 7 download.

The images are pretty cool: there’s nature, space, music, science fiction, and–of course–the obligatory girls in bikinis. Here are a few we liked.

Get Ready For iOS 7 – Make Your Own Parallax Wallpapers [iOS 7 Tips]


iOS7 Wallpapers

While we’ve noted that you can use panoramic photos as wallpaper on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in in iOS 7, we haven’t spent a lot of time talking about the other major visual wallpaper and lock screen facelift: parallax.

In iOS 7, the background behind your Home screen apps is just a little bit 3D-ish, moving slightly as you twist and turn your iOS device around. Personally, I figured it was some fancy special effect that only Apple could create, but I was wrong.

Here’s how to make your own parallax wallpapers.