Zattere Is A Padded Paper iPad Sleeve You’ll Want To Draw All Over [Review]


Zattere iPad Sleeve from Papernomad / Art of me & my pup from @skylaarsays
Zattere iPad Sleeve from Papernomad / Art of me & my pup from @skylaarsays

Walk the halls of Macworld or the Consumer Electronics Show for too long, and the sheer googolplex of injection-molded iCases hanging all around can actually make you go cross-eyed. The bedazzled ones are especially dangerous—that’s a medical fact.

Zattere iPad Case by Papernomad
Category: Cases
Works With: Any iPad
Price: $50

Bucking that trend, the Zattere from Papernomad is a naturally-crafted iPad sleeve you’ll enjoy looking upon as much as using. No, paper, wool, cotton, and thread might not sound like the materials that belong in a protective iPad sleeve, but they do work well, and then there’s this: in five years, a plastic case will look positively forlorn; paper though, artfully aged with your doodles and sketches, becomes an artifact you may wish to keep even after its utility has long gone astray.

The Papernomad Case For iPad Is Begging To Be Doodled On



I have this terrible habit of doodling on things while I’m on the phone. Often it’s to jot down information that the person on the other end is feeding to me, but sometimes it’s simply to draw silly faces and obscure patterns to pass the time. When I don’t have a notepad to hand, almost anything could become my biro-covered victim.

But the Papernomad case for iPad is begging to be doodled on. It’s a tear resistant sleeve made from a patented material that consists of several layers of paper, cotton, and Australian sheep wool; and it’s completely biodegradable.