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Every Single Feature That Is New In iOS 6 [Mega-Guide]


iOS 6 drops today!

We’ve all been itching to get our hands on iOS 6 since it got its first unveiling at WWDC back in June, and today, three months after that announcement, the software finally gets its public debut. Apple’s packed a ton of new features into this update, including some major new features like Map and Passbook, plus some enhancements to existing apps and features, such as new Siri capabilities and a VIP inbox in Mail.

Apple’s been promoting some of these features on its website, but there are tons you may not have heard about. With that said, here’s your comprehensive guide to everything that’s new in iOS 6.

The Next Big Thing In Photos May Just Be iOS 6 Panorama [Opinion]


panorama iPhone 5

We’ve already become a culture obsessed with the image. From Kodak brownie cameras to a high-resolution smartphone camera in every pocket, the current internet age has produced a vertical fuck load of image data, all filtering through social networks like Instagram or Facebook, not to mention Flickr and Picasa.

Let’s not overlook one detail in today’s iPhone 5 launch: the Panorama.

7 Awesome Features Apple Left Out Of iOS 6


iOS 6 has some awesome new features, but here's 7 things it's still missing.
iOS 6 has some awesome new features, but here's 7 things it's still missing.

We’re super excited for iOS 6. Although it isn’t the complete iOS overhaul many users were hoping for, it does deliver a whole host of new features — like a new Maps app, user interface enhancements, improvements to stock apps, and Siri support on iPad — that we’re certainly looking forward to.

However, it’s hard to ignore the fact that iOS 6 still has some things missing. Things we’ve been waiting for for some time. Here are seven of them.

Gorgeous Panoramic Photos Are Child’s Play With This Clever Camera App [Review]



Outside my local Apple Store in Bath

DerManDar is a cute three-dollar panoramic photography app for iPhone, and it produces some lovely pictures.

It works like this: you hold the phone vertically, and turn slowly on the spot. The app takes snaps for you (you don’t need to hit the shutter button for each one) then stitches them together into an elongated panoramic view.

How To Enable The Hidden Panorama Camera Mode In iOS 5 Without Jailbreaking


via @chpwn

We recently told you about the hidden panorama mode in the iOS 5 Camera app that could be enabled by editing a .plist file. Since then, a jailbreak tweak called “Firebreak” has been released that automatically enables the feature on any jailbroken iOS 5 device.

Panorama mode in the iOS Camera actually works, and you can get it on your own device right now without jailbreaking.

Secret iOS 5 Easter Egg Lets You Take Panorama Photos [How-To]


Screen Shot 2011-11-08 at 9.10.14 AM

There’s an easter egg in iOS 5: a new panorama mode that lets you stitch together multiple shots you take with your iPhone’s camera into a gorgeous 180+ degree image. Unfortunately, while Apple clearly spent some time putting this together, there’s no way to access it as a consumer unless you jailbreak your iPhone. Here’s how to get Apple’s panorama mode working on your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPad 2.

Microsoft Releases ‘Photosynth’ – Great New Panorama App for iOS



Microsoft’s latest iOS offering hit the App Store today in the form of Photosynth; a fantastic photography application for taking 360º panoramic photos on your iPhone. It’s a free download, and one of the most impressive panorama applications I’ve tried.

The first thing I noticed about Photosynth is how easy it is to create your panorama. You simply tap the screen to start and then move your device around – up, down, left, right – and the application captures the images automatically, so there’s no need to move your device bit by bit while tapping a button to capture each tile.