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Use A Panorama As Your Lock Screen, Wallpaper, Or Both In iOS 7 Beta [iOS Tips]


Panorama Wallpaper

File this one under super cool! In previous incarnations of iOS, you’ve always been able to set a photo from your camera roll as the image that shows up on your iPhone or iPad screen. You can place one image on your lock screen, and one as your wallpaper, or the same image on both screens.

Now, however, in iOS 7 beta, you can actually set panoramas as your lock screen image, or as your wallpaper image. Or both! When you do so, the iPhone or iPad will show your panoramic image in full size, which lets you move the device around in a circle and see the whole image dynamically move across your screen.

Here’s how to make this happen.

iOS 7’s Moving Background Is Even More Impressive With Panoramas [Video]



One of the neat new features of iOS 7 is that the background moves ever so slightly when you tilt your iPhone up and down. The effect makes it look like your pictures are nearly 3D, but if you want to really be impressed, set your iPhone homescreen picture as a panorama and spin around.

Jeff Shin discovered that if you take a panoramic photo and set it as your background, the image will move with you as you spin around. Here’s a video of the hidden feature:

The LG Optimus G Pro Puts The iPhone’s Panorama To Shame [Video]



The latest commercial for the Optimus G Pro starts as a homage to Apple’s iPhone 5 ad, “Cheese!”, which famously advertised iOS 6’s Panorama functionality.

Man, though, does LG one-up Apple in this advertisement, not only showing how the Optimus G Pro can create a 180 degree panorama of a scene… you can actually use the camera to stitch together a full 360 panorama as well, which LG calls a VR Panorama.

Take Panoramic Pictures Of Really Tall Things With Your iPhone [iOS Tips]


No, I can't see Russia from my front porch.
No, I can't see Russia from my front porch.

So, you think the panorama feature on your new iPhone is pretty sweet, right? It allows you to take panoramic photos without any special post-shot software, and you can shoot left to right or right to left.

But what if you want to take a picture of a super tall Sequoia tree, for example? Or a skyscraper, for that matter? Turns out you can shoot really tall things, too, using this vertical panorama picture tip.

PanoPerfect Is The First Great App For Sharing Your Panoramas [Review]



With the launch of iOS 6, Apple debuted a new panorama mode built into the camera app that allows users to take stunning widescreen panorama photos with almost no effort. Unfortunately, these photos have made for little more than a cool demo until now, because there’s been no good way to share them.

Enter PanoPerfect, an app that’s designed specifically around sharing your panoramic photos. While it’s probably the first of its kind, its sure not short on features.

Switch Directions When Shooting Panoramas With Your iPhone 5 [iOS Tips]


Mind. Blown.
Mind. Blown.

So, you know how to take a panorama photo with your new iPhone 5, right? Launch the Camera app, tap Options, then Panorama, and then point it at something suitably panoramic. An arrow appears on the left side of the iPhone 5’s screen, and you tap the shutter button, keeping the arrow centered between the two lines as you move your camera from left to right.

Guess what, though? You can do the very same thing from right to left. Revolutionary!

Conan O’Brien: The iPhone 5’s Best Feature? Capturing Your Penis In Panorama [Video]



Conan O’Brien loves to do bits on the latest Apple product, and the latest iPhone 5 feature to become the fodder for laughs is the new Panorama feature, which Chris Parnell & Deon Cole says is the perfect photographic equipment for the well-endowed male. While Deon Cole’s delivery is perfect, it’s Chris Parnell’s matter-of-fact dissection of the joke — “that Deon is implying that his penis is too large to be capture in a normal camera aspect ratio’s field of view” — that pushes this bit over the top for me. Tell me about it. Just don’t shoot it in bright light or it’ll get a purplish hue, although chances are, if you need to shoot your penis in panorama, it’s already got one.

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