iPhone X excitement makes people nostalgic for an 8-year-old phone


Palm Pre iPhone X
It may look different to the iPhone X, but this is the one many people are reminded of.
Photo: Abul Hussain/Flickr CC

The iPhone X’s futuristic features have some folks thinking Back to the Future. Almost immediately after Apple’s big event this week, some were waxing nostalgic about an eight-year-old device that in some respects, resembles Apple’s latest handset.

Apple Agrees To Pay $10 Million For Patents Originally Created By Palm



Palm and its line of smartphones might be extinct, but its patents have managed to live on after the company’s death, and Apple’s ready to scoop some of them up.

Apple reached an agreement with Japan’s ACCESS Co., Ltd. to license $10 million worth of patents that were originally created by Palm and PalmSource. Other patents were included in the deal from Bell Communications and Geoworks as well.