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iPhone X users report overheating, excessive data consumption


iPhone X
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Life with an iPhone X isn’t as rosy as it should be for some adopters. Many report that their handsets are plagued by frequent overheating and excessive data consumption. Some have even resorted to placing their handset in a freezer to cool it down.

Apple Will Tackle New iPad’s Heat Issues By Removing An LED Backlight Module [Rumor]


Apple's new iPad is finally coming to China.
Apple could make changes to its new iPad to make it cooler, and as thin as its predecessor.

Although we’ve been deeply skeptical over the speculation surrounding another new 10-inch iPad this year, there is a possibility Apple could be gearing up to make some modifications to its existing device. The Cupertino company has been quick to dismiss the new iPad’s heat issues, but the latest report from DigiTimes claims it is looking to remove one of its two backlight modules in an effort to decrease its operating temperature.

Users Find The New iPad Gets A Little Heated When You Play With It


Retina display. Quad-core graphics. 4G LTE. Hotplate.
Retina display. Quad-core graphics. 4G LTE. Hotplate.

Apple’s new iPad packs a number of new features that the Cupertino company has been quick to boast about since its unveiling, but there is one that it’s yet to mention: Take the tablet to bed on a cold winter’s night and after half an hour’s reading you’ve got yourself a nice warm slab of aluminum to cuddle up to you.

Unlike its predecessor, the new iPad seems to be suffering from some overheating issues during prolonged periods of use. And it’s causing a number of early adopters to become pretty concerned.

Apple Initiates Replacement Program for First-Gen iPod nano


Credit: The Consumerist
Credit: The Consumerist

Apple has initiated a replacement program for the first-generation iPod nano due to an overheating issue with the battery inside of the device. The problem was recognized by Apple several years ago and they offered replacements to customers on a case-by-case basis. A number of foreign government agencies in Europe and Asia investigated the defect and last year the Japan trade ministry forced Apple to tell customers about the replacement website on Apple’s Japanese website.

MacBook Air So Hot it Burns?



The MacBook Air may be light but its reputation has been weighed down by overheating problems that Apple attempted to patch up with a fix in 2008.

This scorching photo comes from Sarah, who says her 1-year-old machine branded her:

I got this burn an hour into working Monday morning, after picking up my machine from the desk to walk it to a different room. I picked it up with my right hand, set it on my left hand and in the crook of my arm as I grabbed the cord, and almost immediately dropped it because it was so hot. So probably a few seconds of contact led to a burn mark that’s still there 3 days later.

Cook Book? Frying Eggs on a MacBook Pro



Doubt I’ll be making lunch on my MacBook anytime soon, but its ongoing overheating and fan problems have made me wonder whether the rumors they get hot enough to cook on are true.

Wonder no more: flickr user Digital Monk tossed a little egg yolk on his MacBook Pro and in 10 minutes, voila , cooked it. (Unless it’s an early April Fool’s joke…)

He says:

“I’ve read in more than one instance that you can cook an egg on a Macbook pro. Of course, whoever was saying that was using it as a metaphor to explain how hot these laptops can really get. I have always nodded my head in agreement that mbp’s heating problem is something Apple is not taking seriously (Do you hear us Apple? Grrrr!). Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic machine, far superior than the laptops that run Window or what have you. But it does have it’s own share of drawbacks.

Today I decided to see for myself if you could really cook an egg on a Macbook pro! So I ended up placing some yolk on my MBP. And it didn’t take more than 10 minutes to find out if MBP is also a cooking machine!  Above are the results.. I did not actually taste the yolk, but it was cooked alright!”

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