Free Apple II papercraft makes a perfect Christmas tree ornament


This free Apple II papercraft project will take you back to your Oregon Trail days.
This will take you back to your Oregon Trail days.
Photo: Rocky Bergen

Even amid the three-quarters of a million residents of Winnipeg, Canada, Rocky Bergen felt alone when it came to his love of vintage computers.

But thanks to his papercraft models of classic machines like the Apple II, Bergen has connected with folks in places as far away as Italy and Sweden.

Make Your New Mac Look Like It’s Straight Out Of 1984 With This Retro Mod


Make your new make look retroriffic with this mod
These icons will turn your new Mac into something a bit more "vintage"

There’s a dusty old Macintosh Classic sitting in my bedroom closet that has gone neglected for years now. It used to be fun to turn it on every and play Oregon Trail just for nostalgia’s sake, but I outgrew that phase after a few weeks. How much time does one really want to spend on an old beat up machine when you have the most beautiful desktop computer in the world resting inches away? Well, if you’re craving to have some retro-Mac goodness in your life but don’t want to bootup a machine whose operating system hasn’t been supported in two decades, this cool mod might be just what you’re looking for.