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This Is The Software That Chinese Scalpers Use To Buy iPhone 4Ses Right Out From Under Your Nose



There’s a huge demand for the iPhone in China, a demand so big that Apple is continually struggling to meet it. That means there’s plenty of business for scalpers who obtain the device any way they can, just to sell it off for a huge profit in the grey and black markets.

And these scalpers are smart and tech-minded. To make the whole process of buying iPhones a lot easier, scalpers have built a special application that purchases the smartphones in bulk from the Apple online store. Even worse, it runs on Windows. Oh, the irony.

Apple Pilot Program Will Allow You to Collect Online Orders From Your Local Retail Store



Apple is set to launch a new pilot program that will allow customers to make orders through its online store and then collect their purchases from their local Apple store, according to a new report. The program has reportedly been given the name “Sherwood” and will cover any product available online, including custom-build computers, third-party accessories, and products which have been gift-wrapped an engraved.

Apple Backtracks on AppleCare+ Must Be Purchased With Your iPhone Policy





Apple’s made another good PR decision this week in regards to AppleCare+ and the policy about the requirement that you had to buy AppleCare+ at the same time as your iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 8GB model. If you are a long time Apple customer like I am you were surprised to find out that you had to buy the two together since this isn’t the norm for AppleCare. Usually you could add AppleCare to any Apple hardware product as long as it was still under the first year warranty.

The change caused a stir among Apple’s customers so the company changed the policy, but only until November 14, 2011.