Acclaimed Steve Jobs opera coming to Seattle


Ashton Kutcher and Michael Fassbender played Steve Jobs in movies. Now Edward Parks III brings his rich baritone voice to the Steve Jobs opera, The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs.
Steve Jobs as portrayed by Edward Parks III in the original Santa Fe version of the opera, circa 2017.
Photo: Dario Acosta/Santa Fe Opera

It’s not often that a business executive’s life can be described as operatic. If that’s true for anyone, though, it may well be Apple’s late CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs — whose life saw plenty of the kind of dramatic triumphs and failures that inform the best operas.

It’s therefore appropriate that Jobs’ life forms the basis for The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs, a modern opera which is soon to make its debut in Seattle.

Opera Touch is a speedy browser built with iPhone XS in mind


Opera Touch iOS
Opera Touch is easy to use with one hand.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

The fast and simple mobile browser from Opera is now available on iOS.

Opera Touch was built with gesture-based devices like the iPhone X and iPhone XS in mind, and it’s optimized for one-handed use on larger screens. It boasts a number of useful features, including Flow, which lets you share content with Opera on your desktop.

You can now listen to an opera about Steve Jobs on Apple Music


Steve Jobs Revolution
Now available wherever fine music is sold or streamed.
Photo: Pentatone

If you’ve ever wanted to listen to an opera based on the life of Steve Jobs, now’s your chance!

Called The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs, the 95-minute production comprises 19 different scenes from Jobs’ life, taking him from childhood through the founding of Apple with Steve Wozniak to his departure and eventual return to the company he helped create. Here’s how you can listen.

New Opera Touch browser designed for one-handed use


Opera Touch
Maciej Kocemba, Opera Touch product manager, demonstrates how easily this mobile browser does a search.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Opera Touch web browser tries to solve one problem: people want to use their phone one-handed, but searching the Web takes both hands. The whole focus of this just released app is one-handed searching and browsing.

Also announced today was Opera Flow, a simple method for synchronizing the new mobile browser with this company’s desktop one.

Curtains raise on The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs opera this weekend


Ashton Kutcher and Michael Fassbender played Steve Jobs in movies. Now Edward Parks III brings his rich baritone voice to the Steve Jobs opera, The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs.
Your new Steve Jobs, everyone!
Photo: Dario Acosta/Santa Fe Opera

Always wanted to know more about the life of Steve Jobs, but been put off by the lack of show-stopping musical numbers? The Santa Fe Opera is here to offer a solution.

This Saturday, the Santa Fe Opera in New Mexico debuts its long-awaited production, The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs. It tells the life story of Apple’s co-founder and most iconic CEO in a way no biography has done before.


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Photo: Opera

Steve Jobs opera will focus on his tenor at Apple


Would being yelled at by Steve Jobs be any better if it was done tunefully and in Italian?
Photo: Ben Stanfield/Flickr CC

Steve Jobs’ life is about to get yet another retelling — this time in the form of an opera entitled The Revolution of Steve Jobs, coming to The Santa Fe Opera as part of the company’s 2017 season.

Remember the time Jobs broke into song while firing the MobileMe team? Soon you will.

Steve Jobs Opera Combines Silicon Valley With Shakespeare [Video]



France’s Opéra de Lyon is set to begin performing its multimedia opera — combining the story of Steve Jobs with that of Henry V, taken from Shakespeare’s 1599 play.

Written by German composer Roland Auzet, “Steve Five (King Different)” explores the supposed similarities between the two rulers (one of Silicon Valley, the other of England) who changed the nature of reality by inventing. The opera features both sung and spoken opera, as well as poetry, rap and orchestral interludes — and will debut on Friday, March 14 at the Théâtre de la Renaissance in Lyon, France. Subsequent showings will follow on March 15, 17, and 18.