OpenDNS Is Blocking The Flashback Trojan


Just like the old Amiga game of the same name, the Flashback trojan isn't much fun
Just like the old Amiga game of the same name, the Flashback trojan isn't much fun

OpenDNS, the DNS provider of choice to the discerning and paranoid, is blocking the Flashback Trojan. Once it has infected your Mac, Flashback attempts to “call home” to a server to receive further instructions.

Open DNS will now block that connection.

OpenDNS: We Offer Fast AppleTV Streaming In North America, But International Performance Is Akamai’s Fault



Yesterday we reported that Google’s DNS service might be to blame for AppleTV’s slow HD streaming speeds on some devices.

Here was the problem, as we summarized it at the time:

Basically, iTunes streaming content is hosted by Akamai, which uses different local servers to route downloaders to the fastest available connection. Services like Google DNS, or other generic DNS providers, are trying to route all users the same way… the equivalent of trying to cram a few thousand people through a single door at the same time.

OpenDNS has just reached out to us, though, to assure both Cult of Mac and its readers that users of their service that they can expect fast AppleTV streaming, all the time.

Laura Oppenheimer of Open DNS writes:

OpenDNS has arrangements with a number of CDNs that make this a non-issue for the vast majority of OpenDNS + Apple TV users. That said, with Akamai, especially internationally, it’s still suboptimal. It’s entirely workable, but not as optimal as it could be.

In general, North America isn’t really an issue since we have a sufficiently dense network topology. That said, we’re very open to working to improve end-user CDN routing with Akamai, just as we have with other large CDNs.

In short, if you’re having problems with your AppleTV and you live in North America, give OpenDNS a try. If you’re an international user, though, Apple’s Akamai hosting isn’t what it could be… and you might experience problems no matter what DNS provider you use.