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Start an exciting new side hustle with these top-rated courses, all on sale for $10


Choose from these six discounted digital courses.
Learn marketable skills for $10 a pop during our Best of Digital Sale.
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For just $10, you can learn new skills that could fuel a lucrative new income stream. From coding to crypto to graphic design, the subjects covered in these online courses scream “successful side hustle.”

These top-rated e-learning courses usually go for more than $1,000 apiece. But during our Best of Digital Sale, you can get them for just $10 each with coupon code LEARNNOW.

Save on these 10 best apps and experiences in our Best of Digital Sale


These 10 apps are all on sale.
Check out these 10 deals on some of our best apps!
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Good software and e-learning courses can drain your bank account. At full price, some software packages can go for thousands of dollars, and many individual online courses cost hundreds of dollars each.

Cult of Mac Deals rounded up some of the highest quality apps and online courses, then slashed the prices to make them much more affordable. During our Best of Digital Sale, they’re all 30% off with coupon code DOWNLOADNOW.

Get a lifetime of unlimited online courses for only $150


Get 83% off a lifetime of online courses with International Open Academy.
Learn for life with this e-learning bundle on sale.
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Ever wanted to learn American Sign Language? Or how to set up a furniture restoration business? How about learning magic card tricks?

All these and hundreds more online courses are available from one of the highest-rated e-learning services out there: the International Open Academy eLearning, and for a limited time, you can get a lifetime membership on sale for just $149. That’s 83% off the regular price of $895.

Take your programming skills to the next level with 9 deals on courses for $20 each


Boost your IT skills with these deals on top-rated courses you won’t find on Amazon 
These programming skills supercharge your next big career move.
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Programming skills are some of the most in-demand, future-proof and lucrative you can have. Whether you want to start an exciting new career in IT, create your own apps, or simply live out your childhood dream of building robots for fun, these top-rated e-learning courses will teach you everything you need to know.

Even better, today we’ve found them all at unbeatable prices you simply can’t find on Amazon. But, you’ve got to be quick to grab these deals, as each has only dropped its price for a limited time.

10 deals on IT and cybersecurity courses you can score for an extra 50% off


IT courses
Take your pick of these online courses to help you upgrade your job.
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One of the best digital transformations for self-starters over the past few years is the rise of online learning. The internet made it easier than ever for you to learn any topic that interests you — whether you want to dive into a new hobby or change job roles. Even before 2020, the online education market was forecasted to be worth $350 billion by 2025 — and that number surely has only grown over the past year.

Give your career a data-driven boost with this $34 Microsoft Excel training bundle


Microsoft Excel is one of the most common tools in any industry.
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These days, most companies are drowning in massive amounts of data — and they’re looking for people who know how to demystify and manipulate it to drive deep business insights. In this environment, knowing how to use Microsoft Excel is essential. In fact, it’s required for 82% of “middle skill” positions.

But if you want to truly stand out for promotions and senior roles, you need to master the more-advanced Excel functions, like VLOOKUP, macros, PivotTables and more. And you can get the skills you need on the cheap with this All-in-One Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle.

This 41-hour bundle provides the ultimate Python training, and it’s just $35


You can learn one of the most essential programming languages in any industry.
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If you want to learn how to program, but are confused about where to begin, you’re not alone. After all, there are about 700 different programming languages to choose from.

But some stand apart from the rest. Like, for instance, Python, which is used in just about every industry and scientific field you can imagine, including data science, machine learning, game development and more. You can learn this essential coding language with the 2021 Premium Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle. It includes 41 hours of courses to teach you everything you need to know, from beginner to advanced lessons.

Learn these 4 skills to make more money from your business this year


These courses are the perfect tools you need to enhance your job or business
These courses will teach you powerful skills to supercharge your business endeavors.
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Want to enhance your business skills and achieve your most ambitious goals next year? These business course bundles will teach you lucrative new skills, tips and tricks to make 2021 your most successful year ever — all from home, using just your Mac.

Even better, these educational bundles are all on sale right now, with incredible discounts of up to 98% off. Take advantage of these incredible value courses while they’re on sale now.

Get 7 of the best digital skills courses of 2020, for up to 98% off right now


Here's 7 of the best online courses of 2020
Get some serious tech skills with one or more of these discounted educational bundles.
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What better way to round out the old year and kick-start the new one than by learning a new skill from home, in your own time? From Google Analytics to coding and app development, we selected some of the top-rated online courses of 2020 to level up your personal and professional skills.

Even better, all of these e-learning courses are on sale, with amazing discounts of up to 98% off right now.

This $40 training bundle will advance you from beginner to iOS developer in 41 hours


This bundle will help you become an expert mobile app developer
This bundle will help you become an expert mobile app developer.
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The iPhone 12 lineup accompanied what was arguably the biggest iOS update in years, and, as we all know, new features open the door for new apps. That, too, presents opportunities for aspiring app developers to make it big in the ever-expanding app market.