ClipBuddy Free Until October 31st-Powerful Clipboard Manager [Deals]



One clipboard rots. That’s all there is to it. You copy one thing, then another, and…you always need the first thing you copied again. Myself, I’ve been using the clipboard manager tool in Alfred (with the PowerPack add-on), but it’s pretty basic. So I’ve picked up ClipBuddy today because it’s free right now—Free Clipboard Manager For Macs: Automatically Organize All of Your Copied Text With an Intuitive Copy & Paste Utility.

OndeSoft Mac Bundle [Deal Ending]



It’s bundle-o-rama here! We have the iStack Mac Bundle still going on (which is awesome), but today we have a little bundle. Something, focused, targeted…more creative.

The OndeSoft Mac Bundle brings you a clipboard manager (I can’t live without one!), audio recorder (podcasts from Skype recordings FTW!), & a screen ruler (sure pixels are dimensionless, but they still have to fit on screen).

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