Rugged headphones are on-ear and on-point [Reviews]


NAD VISO HP30 on-ear headphones offer RoomFeel technology.
NAD VISO HP30 on-ear headphones offer RoomFeel technology.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Best List: NAD VISO HP30 Headphones

I thought I knew myself pretty well by now. Boxer briefs instead of boxers or briefs. Surf before turf. Toilet paper over and not under. And over-the-ear headphones well before on-ear or in-ear.

But the NAD Viso HP30s have me questioning my allegiances to over-the-ear.

Sennheiser Shrinks Its Exalted Momentum Earphones, Drops Price, Dresses Them Up in Pretty Pastels




Sennheiser must have thought what I thought: That their amazing-sounding Momentum headphones perhaps appeared a tad too Teutonically severe (in the case of the red-and-black version) or stuffy (in the case of the brown version) to appeal to everyone (read: women).

So the Germanic, family-run company gave the Momentum a big fashion makeover, dressing them up in three soft pastels — pink, blue, green — with a fourth in a chic ivory-earthy combo.

Win Your Own Pair Of Customized Fanny Wang Headphones From Cult Of Mac [Giveaway]



Earlier this week we reviewed the Fanny Wang On-Ear Headphones and concluded they’re a pretty great set of cans. One cool thing about the the Fanny Wang headphones we didn’t mention was that you can order a completely customized pair from the Fanny Wang website. Because we know you guys love a nice set of headphones, we’re giving away one free pair of Custom 2001 Fanny Wang On-Ear headphones to a lucky reader. You can customize them however you want and keep them for yourself, or give the coupon to a friend for the Holidays as a gift.

I’ve never been the best at math, but I’m pretty sure there are almost 1.5 million different color configurations possible, so to determine a winner for this giveaway we’re going to be taking submissions to see who can design the best pair of headphones.

Here’s how to enter: