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Tim Cook stares down ‘Mother Nature’ as Apple touts first carbon-neutral products


Tim Cook says
Even when facing off with a skeptical Mother Nature, Tim Cook never backs down!
Photo: Apple
Wonderlust 2023

Tim Cook and a surprisingly stone-cold Mother Nature had a staring contest at Apple Park during the Wonderlust event Tuesday. And in Apple’s telling, Tim Cook won.

He played himself in the keynote segment while Octavia Spencer, star of the canceled Truth Be Told on Apple TV+, played a feisty Mother Nature taking executives to task on environmental-initiative progress.

But in the end she chilled out, because Apple had some progress to show, including its first carbon-neutral products.

First look at Truth Be Told season 3 introduces new cast member


Octavia Spencer, left, and new cast member Gabrielle Union star in
Octavia Spencer, left, and new cast member Gabrielle Union star in Truth Be Told season 3.
Photo: Apple TV+

Apple TV+ offered a first look at season 3 of its award-winning drama Truth Be Told Thursday, introducing a new cast member in the process.

Actress Gabrielle Union joins Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer on the NAACP Image Award-winning show. Season 3 kicks off on January 20.

Truth Be Told builds toward shocking season finale [Apple TV+ review]


Truth Be Told review: Actor Mekhi Phifer steals another scene this week!
Actor Mekhi Phifer, right, steals another scene this week.
Photo: Apple TV+

The second season of Apple TV+’s first crime series is drawing to a gripping close. This week Truth Be Told, podcaster Poppy Parnell’s cause grows in righteousness even as the noose tightens around her childhood friend Micah Keith.

The little show that could soldiers on, propelled by the searing charisma of one of the best casts on TV.

Octavia Spencer stuns as things spiral out of control in Truth Be Told [Apple TV+ review]


Truth Be Told review: Octavia Spencer will remind you just how good she is this week.
Octavia Spencer will remind you just how good she is this week.
Photo: Apple TV+

The Apple TV+ series about a true crime podcaster and her circle of friends is closing in on the truth, but will it be too late for it to matter? In this week’s episode of Truth Be Told, Poppy Parnell is reaping what she’s sown. But her one-time friend Micah Keith is right behind her.

Neither will be the same when this case is closed.

Truth Be Told uncorks another stellar showstopper [Apple TV+ review]


Ron Cephas Jones & Haneefah Wood in Truth Be Told
Ron Cephas Jones and Haneefah Wood deliver the goods in this solid drama.
Photo: Apple TV+

Truth Be Told hurtles headlong toward a crash this week as true-crime podcaster Poppy Parnell and her childhood friend Micah Keith realize they both could represent their mutual destruction.

And once again, a stellar outburst by a supporting character steals the spotlight on this rock-solid Apple TV+ drama.

Things are about to get ugly on Truth Be Told [Apple TV+ review]


Truth Be Told review: Andre Royo makes a splash in this week's episode.
Andre Royo (center) makes a splash in this week's episode.
Photo: Apple TV+

This week on Truth Be Told, true-crime podcaster Poppy Parnell uncovers some shady truths and half-truths about the object of her big investigation. Micah Keith isn’t who she’s been claiming she is — and there’s gonna be hell to pay when Poppy Parnell finds out.

Halfway through its second season, the Apple TV+ drama cranks the heat up even higher with an intense confrontation and a standout performance.

Engrossing Truth Be Told returns to the scene of the crime [Apple TV+ review]


Octavia Spencer as Poppy Parnell on Truth Be Told
Octavia Spencer plays true-crime podcaster Poppy Parnell.
Photo: Apple TV+

Truth Be Told, the Apple TV+ series about a true-crime podcaster, makes its triumphant return this week after winning a host of awards and setting up a new-yet-old-fashioned kind of TV heroine.

In the show’s second season, which kicks off today, star Octavia Spencer and a host of the greatest actors in America keep Truth Be Told rooted in a relatable reality.

Apple renews Truth Be Told for second season


First 3 episodes of crime drama Truth Be Told debut on Apple TV+
Poppy Parnell is coming back for a new case.
Photo: Apple

Octavia Spencer’s critically-acclaimed series, Truth Be Told is coming back to Apple TV+ for a second season.

Apple revealed this afternoon that it renewed the crime drama thriller for a second season that will have Spencer reprise her role as Poppy Parnell who will investigate another mysterious murder case. The show was originally billed as a limited-series but Apple apparently thinks Poppy’s story isn’t finished yet.