Learn to make iOS 9 apps by actually, you know, making them [Deals]


By building 20 separate apps, this course will teach you development on iOS 9 from top to bottom.
By building 20 separate apps, this course will teach you development on iOS 9 from top to bottom.
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iOS 9 is still a wide open frontier for anybody looking to develop the next hit app. If you want in on the action, you’re going to have to learn to use iOS 9’s various powerful coding tools and languages, which is why this course is ideal. By building 20 separate apps, you’ll learn the ins and outs of developing for iPhone, all for just $19 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Apple launches new blog dedicated to all things Swift


Swift 2
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Swift, a completely new programming language for the App Age, was one of the biggest announcements that come out of WWDC and now it’s also got its own blog.

Apple launched a new blog dedicated to the development of Swift on its developer site this morning to educate coders on the new language that has replaced Objective-C to build iOS and Mac apps. The blog will give readers a behind-the-scenes look at the design and development of Swift from the very engineers who created it. News and hints will also spill over the blogs’ pages to help devs become more productive with the Swift language.

Here’s the first post:

Get Udemy’s Complete iOS 7 Developers Course [Deals]



With the proliferation of mobile, internet-connected devices, iOS development and software development as a whole are rapidly expanding fields. The demand for new developers (of all skill levels) far outweighs the supply, and don’t think you need a degree in computer science to get your foot in the door…passion and hard work can get you just as far.

The Complete iOS 7 Developers Course is a true iOS boot camp, you’ll gain the skills and learn the tools needed to develop iPhone and iPad applications for iOS 7. And now you can get it for only $59 – a savings of 88% – thanks to Cult of Mac Deals!


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Design And Build The Next Killer App At Your Own Pace [Deals]


CoM - iOS App Course

Have you ever thought about becoming an app developer? If so you’re probably familiar with the following statistic:

“Mobile phone apps are expected to generate $25 billion in worldwide sales in 2013, up 62% from last year.” – Gartner, Inc.

So if you’re serious about learning the finer points of app development, Cult of Mac Deals has an offer right now that will be right up your alley. With this course, you’ll learn how to create fully functioning iOS apps – with no experience required. And you can do it for only $49.99.

Here’s what you’ll get with this course:


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