NYC police upgrading from paper notepads to an iPhone app


The NYPD already issues police officers iPhones.
The NYPD developed its own iPhone app to let officers write activity logs while on duty.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

New York City police officers will soon use an iPhone application to record their daily activities. The officers previously used paper memo pads for these notes, going back to around 1900.

The NYPD’s switch to an iPhone app for taking notes is yet another step in the force’s modernization using Apple devices.

NYPD will scrap 36,000 Windows Phones for iPhones


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New York cops will soon own iPhones.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The New York Police Department will scrap the 36,000 Windows Phones it bought for cops over the past two years and replace them with iPhones, a new report claims.

The first iPhones will be introduced just two months after the last Windows Phone was handed out, the New York Post reports. The Windows Phones were introduced as part of a $160 million initiative that Mayor Bill de Blasio referred to as “a huge step into the 21st century.”

NYPD chief: iOS is a gift to ‘kidnappers, robbers and murderers’


iPhone mobile encryption touch id
Public enemy no. 1?
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Making it sound like the 2016 version of a souped-up getaway car, NYPD counter-terrorism chief John Miller described iOS as the perfect tool for “kidnappers, robbers and murderers” in a recent interview — all due to its uncrackable privacy policy.

“You are actually providing aid to [felons] who have actually been recorded on the telephones in Riker’s Island telling their compatriots on the outside, ‘You gotta get iOS 8. It’s a gift from God,’ — and that’s a quote — ‘because the cops can’t crack it,’” he said — referring to Apple’s current privacy standoff with the FBI.

NYPD Commissioner Says Apple Is In Cahoots With Insurance Companies Over Kill Switch



Smartphone crime has become an epidemic. Especially in places like New York City where the crime rate went up for first time in twenty years thanks to thieves mugging people for their iPhones.

As a response to the iPhone crimewave, Apple added some significant improvements to iOS 7, including a new Activation Lock feature, but according to the New York Police Department’s new commissioner, Bill Bratton, that’s not enough. Not only that, Bratton is pretty sure Apple and other U.S. smartphone makers are in cahoots with insurance companies to make a fortune by not installing a kill switch.