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PornHub’s new AR app makes your nude pics safe for work


Pornhub image
TrickPics takes the 'N' out of 'NSFW' pics.
Photo: PornHub

Sending a saucy pic to a significant will no longer put your naughty bits in danger of being exposed to the entire internet, thanks to a new app from PornHub.

The new app called TrickPics taps into the power of augmented reality to cover up your private parts. It’s basically like Snapchat lenses, only instead of turning your face into a cute puppy, it turns package into a Christmas gift box.

Pixelated nudity FTW after Apple reverses stance on Papers, Please


Photo: Papers Please
Photo: Papers Please

The latest App Store rejection controversy has surrounded a critically acclaimed game called Papers, Please. When developer Lucas Pope finally brought the title to iPad, he was forced by Apple to remove all nudity, no matter how pixelated.

Never mind that the nudity in question was not “pornographic content” as Apple billed it, since it only showed when people went through body scanners in the game. After talking with Apple, Pope said the decision was chalked up to a “misunderstanding,” and he’s been allowed to add nudity back to Papers Please in the App Store.