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AirPods Max will excite your ears, dazzle your eyes and empty your wallet [Review]


AirPods Max review: Apple's new noise-canceling headphones truly put the
Apple's new noise-canceling headphones truly put the "pod" in AirPods.
Photo: Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

With a sleek design and some sweet Apple magic, AirPods Pro Max headphones look great, sound exciting and reward those in the Apple ecosystem.

However, the hefty $549 price tag, some quirky design decisions and some very real limitations mean they’re not right for absolutely everyone.

Save $20 on HyperSonic’s noise-canceling earbuds


These earbuds make for the perfect gift
These noise-cancelling earbuds make the perfect gift.

Where would you be without a great set of earbuds? How else could you tune in to your favorite language-learning course, FaceTime your family with some privacy, or enjoy an immersive listening experience while taking an app-based workout? These HyperSonic DX noise-canceling earbuds are sure to be your next everyday listening earbuds — they provide clear, high-quality sound in compact, sleek packaging that takes you from a workout to a work conference with ease.

Accessorize your iPhone with 4 great Labor Day deals


iPhone Accessories Labor Day Sale
Get more from your iPhone with Labor Day deals on four awesome accessories.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Unlock your iPhone’s awesome potential with one or more of the fantastic accessories in our Labor Day sale.

We’ve got fantastic noise-canceling headphones that cost a fraction of what you’d pay for AirPods Pro. A solar charger that lets you stay powered up when you go off the grid. And a handful of tools that will make your FaceTime calls or YouTube videos look their best.

No matter what you use your iPhone for, we’ve got something for you — and all of these accessories are heavily discounted for your Labor Day shopping pleasure.

Get more from your iPhone with 4 useful accessories [Deals]


iPhone Main
Protect, sanitize, charge, and get more enjoyment out of your phone with these four accessories.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

You can instantly level up your iPhone game with any one of these four great iPhone accessories. Plus, you’ll save as much as 80% on these hot deals.

Come for the noise-canceling headphones and portable UV sanitizer, stay for the solar-powered power bank and lifetime VPN subscription!

Score extra-affordable Mac apps, noise-canceling headphones and more [Deals]


Price Drop Sale Roundup
Why pay full price? We're offering discounts of 75% or more on these great apps and gear.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Everybody loves a good sale, so we rounded up the biggest price drops currently offered by Cult of Mac Deals. We’ve got a powerful iOS alternative, noise-canceling headphones, language courses and five years of at-home exercise, all discounted by 75% or more.

Essential accessories make working from home more comfortable, productive


New to working from home? These essential work-from-home accessories will help you get the most out of COVID-19 isolation.
New to working from home? Here's how you can get the most out of it.
Photo: Hello I'm Nik/Unsplash CC

COVID-19 lockdowns mean more and more people will find themselves working from home. While everyone agrees that staying away from the office is the right thing to do, working from home nonetheless comes with certain challenges. These work-from-home accessories can help.

If you want to thrive in this new environment, you should consider investing in some or all of these items. They will make you more productive, and more comfortable, as you wait out the coronavirus pandemic. And, yes, I assume you already own a computer you can work on. (If not, those new iPad Pros look pretty hot.)

5 great Sennheiser headphones to thrill any audio shopper [Deals]


Each of these Sennheiser headphones will keep the music in and the noise out.
Each of these Sennheiser headphones will keep the music in and the noise out.
Photos: Sennheiser

Can you name the top five companies in the wireless headphone market?  Actually, you could probably get pretty close.

Three are monster tech giants (Apple, Sony and Samsung), while one is America’s premier name in sound equipment (Bose). The last major player in the game may not be quite as familiar to U.S. buyers, although they’ve been Germany’s answer to Bose since … well, before there was a Bose.

Travel tips: How to choose and use noise-canceling headphones


Maybe it's time for a set noise-canceling headphones, amirite?
Maybe it's time for a set cable-canceling headphones, amirite?
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Noise-canceling headphones are fantastic. They cut down on traffic noise, airplane rumble and even — to a certain extent — the racket from that never-ending construction work across the street. Not only is life more pleasant without this noise pollution, but less background noise is also healthier for your ears.

Because you’re not trying to drown out the ambient noise with your music, you can set the volume lower, thus preserving your hearing (as well as your sanity).

Today we’ll see how to choose from the different kinds of available noise-canceling headphones, and how to use them. What this won’t be is a buyer’s guide — although I do have some recommendations based on personal use.