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Kidnapping thriller Suspicion is riveting in all the right ways [Apple TV+ recap]


This thriller starts off fast and keeps you guessing.
Photo: Apple TV+

Apple TV+ dips its toe into the well of Israeli TV production again for Suspicion. The show, which stars Uma Thurman and premieres Friday, is a no-nonsense, globetrotting thriller with plenty of real-world resonance.

Suspicion is based on False Flag, created by Maria Feldman and Amit Cohen, a binge-worthy series that centered on the murder of Hamas chief Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. But if the reception that other Apple TV+ geopolitical thrillers got is any indication, Suspicion faces an uphill climb to become a hit.

Suspicion trailer gives us a peek at new Uma Thurman thriller for Apple TV+


Suspicion for Apple TV+
You can watch it from February 4.
Image: Apple

The first trailer for Suspicion, a new Apple TV+ thriller starring Uma Thurman, sets up the series’ intriguing storyline.

After the son of a prominent American businesswoman, played by Thurman, is kidnapped from a New York hotel, four seemingly ordinary British citizens who just happened to be there that night find themselves caught up in an investigation.