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Match any color with the gadget that makes painting easy


Take $40 off the tiny color sensor that makes painting easy.
Paint, design and decorate like a pro with the Nix Mini 2 color sensor, now less than $60.
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Anybody that’s ever tried to touch up patchy paint knows that you should never try to “eyeball” the right shade. Even subtle color differences can result in a wall that looks like a crazy quilt. And cans of paint are not cheap.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to match that color right the first time: the Nix Mini 2 color sensor. This tiny but mighty gadget should become an essential part of any home improvement or decorating toolkit. And through July 23, you can grab this helpful color-matching device for only $59.97 (regularly $99).

Become a color-matching wizard with this $60 sensor


Become a color matching wizard with this $60 sensor.
This $60 color sensor reads and matches colors for your next DIY project.
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Imagine possessing the power to match the color of anything. The Nix Mini color sensor does exactly that and sends all the details right to your iPhone. With this handy gadget, you can color-match old wall paint, piece together a palette for your next project and do much more with a simple scan.

And now it’s cheaper than ever. Until May 31, you can get the Nix Mini 2 color sensor for only $59.97 (regularly $99).

Match any color with this tool loved by designers, now only $70


Decorate with exact color matches with this tool loved by designers, now only $70.
Just hold the Nix Mini 2 over any surface, and it will capture the exact colors.
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Paint matching is an exact art. Previously, you’d take a paint sample to the home improvement store to ask for help or bring home armfuls of samples to try and find the closest color match for your project. Even then, that would only work for existing paint. Try matching an exact color to a different object or another surface, and, well, you can’t.

That is, you couldn’t — until the innovative Nixi Mini 2 color sensor came along. It can scan any surface, from wall paint to leather, and find you the exact paint color match. This little gadget earns rave reviews from designers worldwide. Usually $99, right now you can grab it on sale for only $69.99.

That’s cheaper than Amazon — and the best price you’ll find for the Nix Mini 2 on the web.

Find the right color every time with this tiny sensor for iPhone


Get the right color every time with this color sensor for iPhone.
Upgrade your art or remodeling game with the Nix Mini 2 color sensor.
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The Nix Mini 2 gives artists, designers, contractors and remodelers a quick and easy way to match colors exactly. The tiny color sensor connects to an iPhone and reveals the precise shade of real-world objects.

It’s a powerful tool for matching paint or discovering the exact digital representation of a color.

Instantly match any color with this real-life eyedropper tool, just $55 for Cyber Monday


Grab an epic Cyber Monday saving on this five-star rated color sensor loved by creatives.
Never guess a paint color again with this top-rated color sensor, just $55 for Cyber Monday.
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Whether you design for a living or have a DIY project on the horizon, perfect color matching can take a serious amount of guesswork and a lot of trial and error. The Nix Mini Color Sensor V2 can change that, instantly matching any color for any number of creative uses. Usually $99, you can purchase it for just $50 during our Cyber Monday sale — no coupon necessary. You’ll have to be quick, as this epic Cyber Monday price drop will only run from November 28 to 30.

Save on this pocket-size color sensor during our answer to Prime Day


Match up to 100,000 specific colors, anywhere and anytime, with this pocket-sized tool.
Take your artistic creativity to another level with this advanced color sensor.
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Life presents us with all sorts of colors that dazzle the eye and inspire the imagination. If you’ve got your eye out for one color in particular, matching it can prove quite challenging. But there’s no need to resort to shuffling through paint store color samples. With the Nix Mini 2, you can identify any color you spot in the real world.

This accurate color scanner is currently just $59 (regularly $99). The Nix Mini 2 is discounted thanks to our Deal Days event, which ends October 12. During this sale, you can visit our Deal Days collection to find more price drops on everything from apps to gadgets — and most don’t even require a coupon!

This pocket-size color sensor is an eyedropper tool for the real world


Capture colors anywhere with this mini sensor, now 15% off MSRP.
This pocket sensor lets you save colors from the real world on your iPhone.
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Color is an essential part of any visual project. When you find inspiration in the digital realm, it’s easy enough to find the hex code and save the shade. But what about in the real world? You can think of the Nix Mini Color Sensor V2 as your pocket color picker.

This tiny device can detect the exact hue of any object or material and send the result straight to your iOS device. It’s typically priced at $99, but you can get the sensor today for only $83.95.

Turn your iPhone into a color-matching machine with this impressive sensor


This color sensor is a hue-ge help for painters.
Match any real-world color in an instant with this tiny sensor.
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Your walls might not be the color they used to be. Even if you know the exact color and brand of paint, natural fading can make it hard to paint over the daily dings a home tends to endure.

Instead of searching for a color you remember, find the actual color of your walls (and pretty much anything else) with the Nix Mini. It’s a portable color sensor that quickly scans virtually any surface and tells you exactly what color it is, complete with paint suggestions.

For a limited time, this little gadget is on sale for $83.95 (regularly $99).

This mini color sensor works on almost any surface


Scan all the colors of the rainbow with this little color sensor.
This portable color sensor can scan almost anything.
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Sometimes you need to paint away a ding on your wall or identify which shade of red the flowers outside your window are. Home improvement, art or plain curiosity — there are a ton of reasons it’s great to have something around that can definitively tell you what color you’re looking at.

The Nix Mini 2 color sensor scans and identifies colors and gives you paint suggestions and the codes to find your color digitally. During our Spring Refresh promo, you can get a Nix Mini 2 for $73.95 (regularly $99) with coupon code SPRING10.