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Become a full-time NFT entrepreneur with this master class


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Want to get in on the NFT action but don't know where to start? We've got some knowledge to drop on you.
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Non-fungible tokens show no sign of slowing down. From digital artwork being sold for more than $60 million to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg saying that NFTs are coming to Instagram, there’s never been a better time to break into the NFT space than right now.

The best way to do that? With coursework that gives you a complete overview of the NFT landscape. And right now, you can get an an extra 50% discount on The All-in-One NFT Masterclass for Artists and Entrepreneurs Bundle in our Best of Digital Sale. Simply enter coupon code LEARNNOW at checkout to get this huge e-learning bundle for just $17.50.

Learn everything you need to know about crypto for $25


Get into Crypto with this $25 bundle.
Learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, blockchain and more with this bundle.
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Cryptocurrency is growing every day, but learning how to personally benefit from the digital revolution is difficult if you don’t have a well-informed source.

The 2022 Blockchain Development Fundamentals Bundle can teach you how to mine crypto, create NFTs, and more. And right now it costs just $25.

Discover the secrets to becoming an NFT, crypto and metaverse millionaire


Become an NFT millionaire with this complete masterclass.
Dive into the deep (and lucrative) end of Web 3.0 with these courses.
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There’s no doubt about it: Cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens and the metaverse are at the forefront of Web 3.0 — and the future of the internet.

If you’re a total noob looking to learn, The Beginner’s Guide: Cryptocurrency Trading, NFTs & Metaverse Bundle is a great place to start. It’s on sale for just $21 (regularly $1,400). And, with seven different courses included in this bundle, that works out to just $3 a course.

Learn how to create your own NFTs with this helpful guide


Protect your own art with this guide to developing NFTs.
Jump on the NFTs bandwagon with this beginner's guide.
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Technology has transformed just about everything in the modern world and art is no exception. Non-fungible tokens, aka NFTs, are a new way to uniquely register and ultimately protect your art in the open market.

Want to know how to get started with NFTs? This How to Create Your First NFT: The Beginner’s Guide will show you everything you need to know.

Learn to create, buy and sell art on the NFT marketplace


Start living off your art instead of for it with this NFT bundle.
Learn how to make money off your artwork in the blazing-hot NFT marketplace.
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Non-fungible tokens, aka NFTs, are a relatively new and exciting way that artists can make money from their work. With just a little knowledge of the blockchain and a few more skills, you can start making money directly from your art, or by buying and displaying the work of other artists.

With The All-in-One NFT Masterclass for Artists & Entrepreneurs Bundle, you can learn how to make, buy and sell NFTs on your own. And during our New Year, New Me Sale, the bundle costs only $20, with no coupon code needed.