Pioneer’s latest head units ship with CarPlay as standard


Pioneer's new NEX series plays nicely with iPhone.
Pioneer's new NEX series plays nicely with iPhone.
Photo: Pioneer

Pioneer today unveiled its latest lineup of NEX aftermarket head units — all of which come with CarPlay as standard.

Each features an improved touchscreen up to 7 inches in size, and Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calls and media streaming. They can access Spotify on your iPhone without using CarPlay, in addition to videos stored on a USB stick.

Sony NEX 5N With Wi-Fi, Faster AF And ‘Apps’


Apps! Apps! Appsappsappsapps!



Sony has gotten on the connected, app-enabled camera bandwagon at last with the NEX-5R, an updated 5N which adds Wi-Fi, “apps,” an very sweet new AF system and a couple of extra buttons. Sony’s NEX series is already smoking hot, and these new features might just bring the fire brigade a-runnin'.

New From Sony: NEX-5R Compact System Camera With Apps, Pygmy-Sized Action Cam



Sony says they’re getting ready to ship two drool-inducing new toys. The first is a new addition to its compact NEX series, the NEX-5R, equipped with wifi, an ultra-quick (according to Sony), hybrid phase-detection/contrast detection autofocus system and — here’s where it gets really interesting — the ability to download specialized apps.

The second is Sony’s entry into the exploding action-cam market; the aptly named Action Cam is a really tiny, 3-ounce (with battery) video camera that comes with a variety of outdoor-enthusiast mounting options and the ability to use a smartphone’s screen as a viewfinder.

The Best Cameras [Best Of]



We know that you Cult of Mac readers are also a bunch of photo nerds, so we thought that this week’s best-of list could be about cameras. You’re iPhone might be great (and even makes it into this list) but sometimes you need something more powerful, more rugged or just plain better. Here’s our list of the best cameras out these.

Widget Mounts Any Flash On Sony’s Customer-Hostile Accessory Shoe



$80 to get a feature the usually comes for free

Sony has long had an inexplicable love affair with proprietary connectors, accessories, anything. From Memory Sticks to ATRAC Minidiscs to annoying headphone sockets on phones, Sony’s philosophy seems to be "if you can piss off a customer, why not do it?"

And so it is with the NEX mirrorless cameras. Excellent devices in almost every way, unless you want to use a flash, in which case you have to spring for one of Sony’s own specialty units. Still, this customer hatred is at least good news for third-party accessory makers, and NEX Proshop will now sell you an adapter that adds a proper hot-shoe and PC socket to your NEX camera.

Sony Launches New NEX And Alpha Cameras


The neat new NEX has a flip up LCD.

Sony has announced a pair of new cameras today. One is the A37, an “SLT” (like an SLR, but without the flipping mirror) and the other is the NEX F3, a new mirrorless model.

We have our full review ready and coming to your screens in a few hours (11:30 PST), but for a quick look at the details, read on.

Lensbaby Composer Pro Brings Blur To Mirrorless Cameras


The Composer Pro is now ready for pretty much every mirrorless system
The Composer Pro is now ready for pretty much every mirrorless system

A year after the launch of the Lensbaby Pro for DSLR cameras, the light-bending lens comes to mirrorless cameras. The upmarket version of the regular Composer can now be had in models that fit Sony NEX, Samsung NX and Micro Four Thirds cameras, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.