One Year Later, What Was Steve Jobs’ True Legacy? [Opinion]



Steve Jobs has changed the world four times, by my reckoning. One year after his death, is the world different? What is his legacy? Is it the company that he started, journeyed outward from in disgrace, and ultimately returned to in triumph? How about the devices he had an enthusiastic hand in bringing to market? The business of music and film? What is the world now that it would not have been without Steve Jobs?

It’s all of those things, of course. Jobs’ legacy is not something we can distill into a simple slogan or tagline. Steve Jobs worked for a world in which the design, manufacture, and marketing of consumer electronics enhances our lives in a very human way.

Let me explain.

Here’s What iOS Would Have Looked Like In The 80’s [Gallery]



Remember how cool Palm Pilots were back in the day, and that weird Apple Tablet thing called the Newton? Well what would the iPhone’s operating system look like if it was designed back in 1986? We were getting in touch with our feminine side on Pinterest today and found the answer. Behold, iOS 0.0.1 straight from 1986. Looks great, doesn’t it? Check out some more images below.

Sculley: Steve & I Had A Terrific Relationship; If Anyone’s Going To Revolutionize TV, It’ll Be Apple


1984 --- Steve Jobs and John Sculley --- Image by Ed Kashi/CORBIS
1984 --- Steve Jobs and John Sculley --- Image by Ed Kashi/CORBIS

John Sculley, a former Apple CEO who was at the helm of the Cupertino company between 1983 and 1993, has no doubts that it can revolutionize the television set. If anyone’s going to change the experience and the “first principles” of TV, Sculley told the BBC in a recent interview, it’s going to be Apple.

Exclusive: Samsung Unveils Galaxy Newton!!! [CES 2012 / Humor]



LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 – A week or so ago, I quipped that come CES, we’d probably see Samsung continuing its pathological plagiarism of years-old iOS designs by unveiling a new Galaxy smartphone modeled after the Apple Newton PDA.

Looks like I wasn’t that far off. Check out the monstrous beast of a phone that is the Samsung Galaxy Note. It’s a 5.3-inch smartphone with a frickin’ built-in stylus, coming to the States in February.

Here’s what it looks like side-by-side with an iPhone. You seriously can’t make this stuff up. It’s beyond parody.

When Kindle Met Newton OS



Twitter mate of mine Giles Booth posted this on Flickr the other day, and it had me doing a double-take for a moment.

No, it isn’t actually running Newton OS. It’s displaying a picture. Just like this other image of a Kindle “running” Macintosh System 1.

You can put custom pictures on your Kindle if you like – try using these instructions. See what other classic Apple software you can “run” on your Kindle. Clarisworks? Eudora? Hypercard? Ahh, memories…

(Photo by Giles Booth, re-published with permission)

The Circle is Complete: A Newton Emulator for the iPhone


Like a time travel scenario where you meet your own grandfather as a child, enthusiasts working with the Einstein Newton Emulator project have ported the Prodigal PDA to the iPhone.  The current implementation is only available as source code and runs a bit slow, but is an actual working version of NewtonOS complete with handwriting recognition and familiar input gestures.

The Apple Newton Becomes An Awesome iPhone Case Mod



Apple hardware hacker Charles Mangin has a respectable history smashing modern functionality into nostaglically held but utterly obsolete hardware. For example, Maguin’s amazing success inserting a Mac Mni into an old Disk ][ drive, or his even more breathtaking success cramming an old G4 cube into an even older Macintosh Plus.

Mangin’s latest project might be his greatest triumph yet though: an iPhone ensconced in the hollowed out shell of its evolutionary predecessor, the venerable Apple Newton. Charles has yet to complete the project, but given his past successes, we’re confident he’ll succeed… but will he update the Newton’s stylus with a touch-capacitive tip for extra points?