iOS 7 Bug Lets You Hide Apple’s Annoying Default Apps [Video]



iOS 7 finally lets you put the Newsstand app in a folder. To some that alone is reason enough to celebrate, but there’s also an awesome little bug that lets you hide all of Apple’s other annoying default apps that take up screen real-estate – we’re looking at you Stocks.

For the hack to work, you have to set up one of your iPhone’s pages with a full screen of apps. You’ll also need one folder on that page, and you should place the app(s) that you want to hide in your dock. Once you’re ready, tap and hold on the app you want to disappear, then hit the homebutton twice to bring your app switcher, then go back your homescreen and you’ll notice the app you want to delete is abnormally large. Tap your extra folder on the screen while all the apps are jiggling, and then press your homebutton and viola! the app is gone.

The process sounds a little convoluted, but it’s actually very simple. To make things easier, our friend Dom from AppAdvice made the video tutorial above. Best of all though is that once you magic an app into oblivion you can still access it via the finder search.

Serious Eats Hits The iOS Newsstand



Y’all know Serious Eats, right? It’s the one place on the Internet where you can go to be entertained, educated and properly fed. I’m a fan of cooking, but I generally avoid recipes on the web because it’s hard to gauge their quality until it’s too late. Serious Eats is solid every single time.

And now there’s a Newsstand magazine, and — again — it stands out above the rest.

iOS 7 Glitch Lets You Put Apps Inside Newsstand



Not only can you finally put Newsstand in a folder in iOS 7, but a newly discovered glitch also makes it possible for users to place apps inside Newsstand.

Dom Esposito at App Advice discovered the new glitch this morning which makes for a great way to hide the default apps you never use. To get an app inside Newsstand, simply press and hold an app icon till it wiggles, then drag it above the Newsstand icon, after a second or so Newsstand will blink and you can drop  app down into the Newsstand folder.

The only way to get apps out of Newsstand afteward is to either delete them, or reboot your iPhone.

Here’s a GIF of how it works:

iOS 7 Reminds Us To Be Careful What We Wish For



WSJ: iOS 7 Will Bring A Brand New Look, New Ways To Share & Music Streaming



Today’s the day, folks! In just a few hours, Apple will kick off WWDC 2013 with a first look at its next-generation iOS 7 operating system. We’re expecting big changes with this update, and according to sources for The Wall Street Journal, those will include a brand new look, new ways to share your photos and videos, and a new music streaming service.

You can also expect to see a glimpse of OS X 10.9 and new notebooks at the event.

How To Hide iOS Apps Inside The Newsstand Folder Without Jailbreaking [Video]


Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 13.56.35

If you want to hide some of the apps that come pre-installed with iOS — such as Stocks, Weather, or Game Center — there’s a nifty new trick that’ll allow you to place them into the Newsstand folder. No jailbreak is required — you don’t even need a computer — and you can hide as many apps as you like. You can also open them as you normally would from inside the Newsstand folder.

Here’s how the trick works.