Dropbox is now baked into the iOS 11 Files App


dropbox files
Dropbox is now just another folder on your iPad or iPhone.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Dropbox now shows up as a regular old folder in the new iOS 11 Files app. The latest update to the Dropbox iOS aa brings full integration with Files, making it work much more like it does on the Mac and PC. For instance, now you can drag a file from a Dropbox folder into an iCloud Drive folder, and it just works.

Apple updates iWork suite for iOS 11


iWork iOS 11
iWork adds Files integration, and drag-and-drop support.
Photo: Apple

Apple has pushed updates for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on iPad and iPhone, updating its iWork apps to work with iOS 11. The apps now have full support for drag-and-drop, as well as giving us a glimpse of how the new iOS 11 file manager — named Files — works inside other apps. Let’s look at the new features in the iWork suite for iOS 11.

Check out this amazing use of drag-and-drop in iOS 11


GoodNotes gets an amazing drag-and-drop update for iOS 11
GoodNotes gets an amazing drag-and-drop update for iOS 11
Photo: Cult of Mac

With the iOS 11 launch imminent, developers are releasing updates that take advantage of all its new features. Some, like Dropbox, will support the new Files app, making Dropbox appear like just another folder like it does on the Mac. Other apps, like 1Writer and GoodNotes, now support drag-and-drop. And one of these apps in particular — GoodNotes — makes a spectacular and unexpected use of dragging and dropping.

This iPad synthesizer lets you play almost any sound


SyndtSphere iPad synth
SyndtSphere lets you dial in sounds, and the sounds between sounds.
Photo: Cult of Mac

SyndtSphere may be just about the most flexible music instrument ever. It is also an iPad app. Klevgränd’s SyndtSphere can be a piano, a violin, a flute, a bass, but it can also be anything in-between. If you ever struggled to find the exact sound you wanted out of a synthesizer, then should try SyndtSphere, because you’ll probably find it there.

The pros and cons of wireless charging


wireless charging mat iPhone x
Why do you do this to us, Apple?
Photo: Apple

The new iPhone 8 and iPhone X support “wireless” charging. That is, you can toss them onto a charging mat instead of plugging in a Lightning cable. Obviously this is more convenient when you’re at home — you can put a pad on your nightstand, desk or hallway table.

But there are other advantages to iPhone wireless charging that aren’t so obvious. And there is also one big disadvantage — one that has the potential to cause major damage to the Earth.

iOS 11 lands on iPhone and iPad on September 19 — here’s what’s new


Auto Brightness iOS 11
iOS 11 changes everything.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

In today’s Apple keynote, we got another look at the the new iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad. There are a lot of great new features for both devices — person-to-person Apple Pay, an all-new App Store, improved Siri, and a new kind of social network built around Apple Music. But the iPad is the real winner. iOS 11 brings multitasking features that unchain Apple’s “big iPhone,” and turn it into a computer to rival any Mac or PC.

How iPhone X celebrates the iPhone’s 10th anniversary


10th anniversary iPhone wallpapers
Then and now -- the original iPhone wallpaper, and the new version for the iPhone X.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

The iPhone X comes 10 years after the original iPhone. Even the name itself could be a not-so-subtle homage to this: Apple used X, the Roman numeral for 10, for years to name the Mac’s OS X operating system. But there is another 10th anniversary reference in the new iPhone X: It comes with an updated version of the original iPhone’s iconic wallpaper.

iOS 11 has had more betas than any other iOS version


thinkybits iOS beta chart more betas
Will Hains' fantastic chart shows you everything you need to know about the history of iOS betas.
Photo: Will Hains

iOS 11.0 has had ten beta versions. That’s more betas than any version of iOS before it: Only iPhone OS 2.0, and iOS 10.0 come close, tying with eight beta versions apiece. Now that the iOS 11 gold master has been leaked, we can safely guess that there will be no more iOS 11 betas until Apple starts testing iOS 11.0.1.

iOS 11 GM was allegedly leaked by ‘rogue Apple employee’


Another apparent leak from Apple serves up more details about the upcoming products, including this swirly new iPhone wallpaper leaked
Another apparent Apple leak serves up more details about upcoming products, including this swirly new iPhone wallpaper.
Photo illustration: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Over the weekend, a massive leak revealed pretty much all the details of the new iPhone 8 and “iPhone X.” The details came from a leaked gold master (GM) of the new iOS 11 operating system, which contains mentions of new features like Face ID, and photos of new products like the Apple Watch Series 3.

But where did the leak come from? According to independent reports from Daring Fireball and the BBC, a rogue Apple employee deliberately sent to the links to 9to5Mac and MacRumors.

WriteMapper mixes mind maps and text editing


WriteMapper is a great app for getting your thoughts in one place.
Photo: WriteMapper

WriteMapper is a new Mac app that combines a mind mapper with a text editor. It works like a regular mind-mapping app, with easy-to-create nodes to get your ideas down and arrange them. But if you open a node, you get a full-featured, cleanly-designed text editor in which to write, so you don’t have to switch to a word-processor or anything else to complete your project.

Then, when you’re done, you can export the mind map as a document to publish it, or whatever you want to do with the finished text.