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Apple begins preparations for new Madison Avenue store


Apple's new Upper East Side store will be located on Madison Avenue.
Apple's new Upper East Side store will be located on Madison Avenue. (Credit: Google Street View)

Apple’s iconic Fifth Avenue retail store might be turning eight today, but the company is looking to boost its New York presence with a new store on the city’s Upper East Side.

City building permits, dated May 15, detail soil testing at the new site, along with the demolition of the building’s current interior — costing a total of $80,000. The new Apple Store is set to be located at no. 940 Madison Avenue, a limestone and marble building currency occupied by luxury retailer VBH.

iPhone Still Popular Among Grand Larcenists In 2013



As large cities go, the Big Apple is a pretty safe place to live these days — unless, ironically enough, you’re the owner of an Apple iDevice.

According to new data released by the New York Police Department, while New York has seen dramatic decreases in the majority of major crimes in recent times, the theft of cellphone and other electronic devices has meant that the category of grand larcenies remains almost unchanged.

Is Apple To Blame For Biggest San Francisco Crime Spike Since 2008?



There are different ways to measure the success of a tech company — thing like how many lucrative patents it’s sitting on, how much money it’s giving back to shareholders, and what its overall market penetration is in whatever area it’s operating in.

Well, there’s another way also: how much do its product launches correlate with a spike rates. You can keep your reports about Apple’s recent financial quarters disappointing Wall Street analysts — as far as San Francisco’s criminal element is concerned, Apple is doing better than it has in years.

Urban Wonderer, An iPhone-Based Audio Tour Of New York



You’ve all used those personal guided museum tours, right? The ones that use a button-covered box and a pair of filthy headphones to tell you all about the painting/sculpture/diorama in front of you?

Well, imagine that instead of a stupid box and worn out headphones you got to use your own iPhone. And instead of having to tap in a number to hear the guide, you just relied on GPS to know what you’re looking at. And finally, imagine that instead of being a guide to a dusty old museum, the “museum” was instead the whole of New York.

That’s Urban Wonderer.

New York Hong Kong iPad Cases: Forget The Posing — These Are Some Seriously Slim Cases


The Folio Shell may be my next iPad case


The search for the perfect iPad case is never ending, but that won’t stop me trying. And as you get further along in your quest, the differences between cases becomes smaller and smaller. At first glance, these two slimline cases from Lioncase look like any other slimline folios and Smart Covers, but close up they look much more compelling.

New York State Audit: MTA Unfairly Gave Apple The Advantage In Grand Central Bidding



In 2012, there’s nothing that lends prestige, luxury and credibility to a shopping space like an Apple Store. From that perspective, it’s the Tiffany’s or Sak’s of the 21st Century.

In fact, it looks as if the Apple Store was considered to be such a prestigious draw that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority bent over backwards to make sure it could get Apple to lease a space in the famous Grand Central Terminal… at the expense of other applicants.

One U.S. Senator Is Worried Apple’s Detailed 3D Maps Will Aid Criminals & Terrorists


View some of the most beautiful cities and landmarks in the world with Flyover.
These detailed images could be blurred in places if one U.S. Senator has his way.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s new Maps app that’s coming to iOS 6 looks really incredible. Its detailed 3D maps blow the traditional satellite view right out of the water, and allow you to view high resolution images of cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas, and more. But what happens when those detailed images get into the wrong hands.

Well, U.S. Senator for New York, Charles E. Schumer, is worried the detailed images could be used to aid criminals and terrorists, and he has privacy concerns over the military-grade spy planes Apple uses to capture these images.

This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: Men In Black 3, Virtua Tennis, Air Mail & More [Roundup]


This week's must-have roundup features new titles from Gameloft, Sega, Chillingo, and more.
This week's must-have roundup features new titles from Gameloft, Sega, Chillingo, and more.

Men in Black 3, the official game of one of this year’s biggest action blockbusters, is now available on iPhone and iPad, finally giving you the opportunity to create and manage your own MiB agency and protect New York from the scum of the universe. It’s completely free and its leading this week’s must-have games roundup, which also includes Sega’s first Virtua Tennis title for iOS, a stunning new game from Chillingo, and more.

AT&T Starts 2G Network Shut Down In New York


AT&T begins 2G sit down in New York, original iPhone should be unaffected
AT&T begins 2G sit down in New York, original iPhone should be unaffected

AT&T has begun shutting down its 2G service in New York to free up spectrum for 3G and 4G customers. The shut down will effect a number of mobile phones that rely on 2G service for voice and data.

If you’re still using an original iPhone that doesn’t support 3G, it isn’t time to worry just yet. At least initially, the AT&T will only be shutting down one of the frequency bands that it uses to provide 2G service. Frequency that is  supported by the original iPhone will be maintained for the foreseeable future.

Protect New York From The Scum Of The Universe In Men In Black 3, Out Now For Android & iOS



Let’s be honest, at some point we’ve all dreamt about dusting off our funeral suit and fighting aliens with Will Smith as a Men in Black agent. Thanks to Gameloft, that dream is now a reality… on your Android or iOS device.

Men in Black 3, the official game of one of this year’s biggest action blockbusters, is now available from the App Store and Google Play, giving you the opportunity to create and manage your own MiB agency and protect New York from the scum of the universe — for free.

Boston Copies Starbucks iPhone App For Commuter Rail Ticketing


MBTA's mobile purchases will be fully smartphone-based without NFC
MBTA's mobile purchases will be fully smartphone-based without NFC

Mobile purchasing systems based on NFC have a way to go before they become ubiquitous, but other types of mobile payments already here. A great example is the Starbucks app that can be used as a virtual reload-able gift card. When you want to pay with the card, a barista scans a code on your iPhone’s screen.

Starbucks may have made this technology a part of every day life for millions of people, but it isn’t the only company to do. Some airlines offer a virtual boarding pass as part of mobile check-in features.

The same iPhone/smartphone screen as digital token approach may soon extend to your commute as well as your morning coffee or air travel. A pilot project in Boston plans to bring the same NFC-less mobile payment technology to the city’s commuter rail service.

Select Cities Can Now Live Stream Popular Sports Channels Using The Time Warner TV App



Time Warner recently added the ability to live stream national and regional sports networks from the TWC TV app for the iPad, iPhone, Android 4.0 smartphones and tablets, and Any Time Warner Cable video subscriber living in New York, Dallas, or Charlotte will now have the ability to live stream their favorite sports channels at no extra cost by using the TWC TV app.

AT&T Flips The LTE Switch On For St. Louis, Expands Staten Island, NY Coverage



AT&T customers living in St. Louis have just had their LTE jetpacks filled and should be able to start flying through downloads and web pages — not to mention battery life. Along with St. Louis, Staten Island, NY was added to the AT&T LTE club with 4G LTE being expanded to the 5 boroughs. AT&T is certainly playing LTE catch up and while the rollout may seem like it’s running at a turtle’s pace, AT&T has already pushed out LTE to five of the twelve promised markets. Those remaining include:

New Yorkers Can Stream Live TV To Their iPads With Aereo


Each Aereo customer is assigned their own tiny antenna
Each Aereo customer is assigned their own tiny antenna

Aereo is a great service for denizens of New York City. For $12 per month, you get to stream local live TV direct to your iPad, iPhone, Roku box, Apple TV, or just about anything with an internet connection. It’s simple, it does nothing but relay the free-to-air channels already available to any New Yorker, and of course the TV companies are already trying to shut it down.

Apple Announces January 19th Education Event In New York City


apple education

Well looky here! Turns out the rumors are true and Apple really will be hosting an Education Event in New York City on January 19th. There are no details on what Apple will actually announce at the event, but our guess is it will involves textbooks on the iPad.

The event will be taking place at the iconic Guggenheim muesum, though no information was given on who will be the main speaker.

Check Out The Insanely Huge Crowd That Showed Up For Apple’s Grand Central Opening [Photo]



Holy crap. Check out this photograph of all the people who queued up for the opening of Apple’s new Grand Central Terminal location, as photographed by Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt. You’d think this was an iPhone 5 launch!

Also interesting to me: look at the number of Apple Geniuses on hand. Most stores would be lucky to have that many customers at once, let alone need that number of employees to handle their customer base.

Check Out This Video Walkthrough Of Apple’s Huge New Grand Central Location



We’ve seen a lot of images of the inside of the new Grand Central Terminal Apple Store ahead of its Friday grand opening scheduled for 10AM, but up until I saw this three-minute YouTube video walking through it, I had no idea just how big the space was.

It’s just huge. I suppose it would have to be, given the amount of traffic this store is going to get, but even so, it’s going to take the average person at least a few minutes to walk from one end to the other.

[via Apple 2.0]

Apple’s New Grand Central Store Looks Awesome Inside — Here’s More Pictures! [Gallery]


Image courtesy of jennydeluxe on Instagram

We published a couple images of the inside of Apple’s new Grand Central store in New York yesterday, which is due to open on Friday, December 9. Plenty more images are set to surface later on today, with media entering the store for the first time at 10 AM local time.

However, someone with a camera seems to have already gained entry, because we now have even more photos of this terrific store.

New Grand Central Apple Store To Open At 7 AM For Early Commuters


apple grand central render

Apple’s new store in Grand Central Terminal is set to open its doors this Friday, December 9, and the company has added a new page to the retail section of its website that provides some information on the new store. In addition to its official address, the page also reveals that the store will open at 7 AM Monday to Friday to accommodate early commuters.