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Apple will make it easier for Dutch dating apps to use alternative payments


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Will it be enough for the ACM?
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Apple this week revealed slightly more relaxed rules for Dutch dating apps that will make it easier for them to offer third-party payment options. It comes after months of fighting with Dutch regulators over new app laws.

One thing Cupertino won’t give up, however, is its 27% commission.

EU chief says Apple would rather pay fines than face App Store regulation


App Store must add third-party payments
Apple motion for a delay has been denied.
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The European Union’s head of digital policy believes Apple would rather continue to pay fines than accept new App Store regulation.

Cupertino is currently fighting new rules in the Netherlands that say dating app developers should be allowed to use third-party payment systems. EU competition chief Margrethe Vestager called Apple’s behavior an example of how “gatekeepers” try to circumvent the rules.

Apple down another $5.7 million for refusing to abide by App Store rules


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Apple just won't comply with the ACM.
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Apple was today fined yet another $5.7 million, its fifth so far, for an ongoing refusal to abide by new App Store regulation in the Netherlands.

Regulators last year ruled that dating app developers should be able to accept third-party payments. But as far as the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) is concerned, Apple has “refused to put forward any serious proposals.”

Regulator fines Apple again, dismisses feeble attempt to add alternative payments


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Just as we thought, Apple's approach to alternative payments is a joke.
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Dutch regulators hit Apple with another $5 million fine Monday for not properly complying with new rules that say dating apps should be allowed to accept alternative payment methods. The penalty now totals $20 million.

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) dismissed Cupertino’s feeble attempts to satisfy its requirements and said developers should not have to build brand-new apps to offer alternative payments options.

Apple faces $57 million fine for pathetic approach to third-party payments


Apple's "evasion" of the rules is "gross," according to Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney.
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Apple will be fined up to €50 million (approx. $57 million) by Dutch regulators for its rather pathetic attempt at allowing third-party payments for apps and subscriptions in the Netherlands.

Although Cupertino took half-hearted steps to comply with new legislation, it ensured that it was incredibly difficult for developers to implement third-party payment systems. It also demanded fees for payments it wasn’t processing.