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Google Confirms It Is Yet To Submit Its Own Maps App To Apple


Google Maps is gone in iOS 6, but some users are desperate to get it back.
This isn't coming back just yet.

With Google Maps gone from iOS 6 in favor of Apple’s own solution, many are hoping Google will bring its own Maps app to the App Store — as it did with YouTube a couple weeks ago. A recent report claimed that it was already on its way, but according to Google chairman Eric Schmidt, that’s not the case at all. In fact, Google hasn’t even submitted a Maps app to Apple for approval yet.

iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 Won’t Get Turn-By-Turn Navigation Or 3D Maps In iOS 6


Turn-by-turn looks incredible, but it won't be coming to your iPhone 3GS.
Turn-by-turn looks incredible, but it won't be coming to your iPhone 3GS.

Although iOS 6 looks a lot like iOS 5 at a glance, it represents a huge change to some of Apple’s core iOS features. Apps and services like Maps, Mail, Phone, Notification Center and more have all received new features worth talking about, while several new ones have been introduced.

The great thing about it is, is supports a whole host of devices, including every iPhone from the iPhone 3GS onwards. Some devices won’t get access to all features, however. Only the iPhone 4S and the first- and second-generation iPads will enjoy turn-by-turn navigation and 3D maps.

TomTom’s New iOS App Uses Facebook And Twitter As Sources For Turn-By-Turn Navigation [CES 2012]



TomTom’s navigation apps for the iPhone and iPad are going social with Facebook and Twitter integration that will allow you to navigate to your friends, places, and events more easily. Version 1.10 of the official app, which will launch during Q1 2012, prides itself on using social networks as a source for turn-by-turn navigation.

Pioneer AppRadio Car Audio Deck Ships Today With a Surprise Price Drop and New Features



Back in May when we reported excitedly from the launch presser for Pioneer’s new AppRadio car audio deck, we were told it’d hit store shelves by late June, and cost in the vicinity of $500. Well, it’s arrived, and Pioneer has added a few features to the free AppRadio app. Oh, and they’ve lopped $100 off the price — it’s now $399. Aren’t surprises great?