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Twitter wants to borrow some of Apple’s PR black magic


Twitter's looking to hire Apple's former Senior Director of Worldwide Corporate Communications.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Compared to tech companies whose PR departments act like celebrity hangers-on, bigging you up and laughing at your jokes to win favor, Apple’s uber-succesful public relations department is more like the movie Mean Girls in its approach to those not on its wanted list.

And with the proposed new hiring of a former Apple communications wizard, it seems that Twitter’s looking to get in on the Cupertino-style action.

Apple’s senior director of PR calls it quits


Natalie Kerris, former senior PR director at Apple. Photo: Apple
Natalie Kerris, former senior PR director at Apple. Photo: Apple

Natatlie Kerris has been one of the most prominent figures on Apple’s PR team for the past decade, but today she announced that she’s ready to jettison from the mothership.

In a message posted on Twitter today, Kerris says she’s stepping away from Apple after working at the company for the past 14 years. The former PR director hasn’t said what she’ll be doing next, but based on the Steve Jobs quote she shared in her tweet, she’ll be moving on to a new adventure soon.

Apple: Siri Is Neither Pro-Life Nor Pro-Choice, It’s A Beta



While Siri will happily find you the ideal location to bury a dead body or pick up an escort, ask her where you can get an abortion and she’s not so happy to comply. In fact, she’ll do the exact opposite and look for anti-abortion pregnancy “crisis” centers.

This makes her an “anti-choice extremist,” according to one petition, which is calling for Apple to make changes to its new intelligent assistant.