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Tim Cook called Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats worried about antitrust legislation


Tim Cook congressional antitrust hearing: Should Tim Cook be worried about Congress breaking up Apple?
"Or how about we don't?"
Photo: C-SPAN

Tim Cook reportedly got in touch with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in addition to other members of Congress, to voice his worries about possible antitrust legislation, the New York Times reported Tuesday.

The Democrats are currently circulating drafts of antitrust bills that could affect the likes of Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google. If passed, these bills could impact Apple’s ability to own and operate its own App Store marketplace in the way it currently does.

Nancy Pelosi slams Tim Cook for GOP fundraiser


Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is mad at Tim Cook.
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is mad at Tim Cook.
Photo: Shawn Calhoun/Flickr

U.S House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took shots at Apple CEO Tim Cook for participating in a GOP fundraiser in Silicon Valley this week.

Pelosi, who represents the nearby 12th district of California, called Cook “naive” for helping House Speaker Paul Ryan raise money for her rivals in the GOP, especially after the company just broke off its support for the GOP convention.

Nancy Pelosi: The U.S. government invented the iPhone


Why Salesforce chief gave up AppStore.com for Apple
Steve Jobs? Wasn't he the guy who helped the government invent the iPhone?
Photo: Ben Stanfield/Flickr CC

Apple may be one of the world’s profitable tech company, but you know who invented its biggest single product, the iPhone? If you’re House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the answer is simple: not Steve Jobs, Jony Ive or any combination of Apple employees — but rather the federal government.

Check out the video below.

Nancy Pelosi explains Apple Watch break at State of the Union


Nancy Pelosi Apple Watch
To be fair, we looked at ours a few times, too. Those alerts really want our attention.
Photo: PBS NewsHour (via YouTube)

It seems that Nancy Pelosi had a bit of distraction during the President’s speech Tuesday.

During last night’s State of the Union, President Obama reflected on his time in office and outlined his hopes and visions for the country’s future. It was a conversational, grounded, and relatable address that covered the outgoing leader’s successes and even some regrets.

But at one point, cameras captured the former Speaker of the House tapping away on her wearable.

Fake Apple ad campaign protests Obama’s Silicon Valley visit


iSnoop ads invade Silicon Valley to protest Obama fundraisers

Apple’s legendary iPod ads have been nothing less than iconic, but a California street artists has turned the famous marketing campaign into an anti-Obama parody ahead of the President’s visit to area.

President Obama just wrapped up a quick fundraising tour around Los Angeles and San Francisco last week with a $32,000 a plate fundraiser at Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes’s house, and another with Nancy Pelosi, but the commander-in-chief was greeted by some scathing street art that highlighted some of his administration’s biggest scandals.

Here are some of the iAds found on the streets of Silicon Valley: