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Parents, Please Stop Naming Your Babies After Apple Products



You got a brand new baby. Congratulations. Your baby is probably the greatest thing ever. It probably even smells like love. Being a parents is amazing. I mean, I don’t really know what it’s like, but I imagine it’s pretty cool to watch a little person come out of another person and then raise it into a full-grown human like yourself and teach it cool ninja moves and stuff.

Now that you have your new baby you’re probably struggling with a name for it. All the cool ones are probably taken, and it doesn’t help that Beyonce and Jay-Z are doing pompous shit like trademarking their baby’s name. But please, PLEASE, don’t even think about naming your baby after an Apple product.

Developers Confused As Apple Tweaks Its App Store Search Algorithm… Again


With so many changes recently, it's becoming hard to rely on App Store searches.

Sometime last week, it became apparent that Apple had tweaked its App Store search algorithm to display results in order of their user rankings and descriptions, rather than the names of the apps themselves. The change brought some confusion, not only to App Store customers, but also to developers, who found that their apps were no longer appearing under certain searches as they had been.

It now appears that Apple has backtracked on that change, however.

How To Delete Saved Usernames & Passwords In Mobile Safari [iOS Tip]



The ability to have mobile Safari save the usernames and passwords that we enter frequently on our iOS devices can be hugely helpful, especially for the forgetful minds amongst us. But not everyone feels comfortable having these details saved on their device. After all, if it gets into the wrong hands, anyone can login to our favorite sites at the tap of a button.

So what if you save these credentials accidentally, or you decide that you no longer want these details saved on your device. Well, fortunately, it’s very simple to delete them without having perform a complete restore on your device. Here’s how to delete saved usernames and passwords in mobile Safari.