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Halloween-worthy Razer Zephyr face masks sell out in minutes at $99 each


Peace, and may nontoxic respiration be with you.
Peace, and may nontoxic respiration be with you.
Photo: Razer

If you decided to walk down to the neighborhood supermarket wearing your new Razer Zephyr “wearable air purifier” and a lab coat, you might cause a major panic. Unless you did it on Halloween, maybe. That’s how “airborne toxic event” these badass things look.

They’d be a little scary even without the lab coat. “Breathe in the future with the Razer Zephyr,” says the company’s website, with seemingly unintentional menace.

California law explains Apple’s abundance of N95 ventilator masks


Apple's donation of N95 ventilator masks came from a stock pile mandated by the state of California during the recent wildfire outbreak.
Photo: Blue Shield of California

Following Saturday and Tuesdays’ announcements of Apple donating more than nine million N95 ventilator masks to help combat the coronavirus pandemic, the obvious question arises, why did Apple have so many masks? It now appears the answer was a simple one…A state mandate, instituted last year, to protect employees following the recent California wildfires.

Apple donating 9 million N95 masks for coronavirus fight


Vice President Pence announced Apple is pulling out all the stops to get more masks to medical workers dealing with the coronavirus.
Photo: CNN video image

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence announced Tuesday that Apple has donated nine million N95 respirator masks to help hospitals and medical workers deal with the growing coronavirus pandemic.