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How to put a missing AirTag into Lost Mode


How to enable Lost Mode for AirTag
Putting an AirTag into Lost Mode means others know how to contact you if they find it.
Image: Apple/Cult of Mac

AirTag’s diminutive size and lack of ability to attach to anything out of the box means that it’s ironically easy to lose. Locating one that goes missing shouldn’t be too difficult, but if yours is proving hard to find, you might want to put it into Lost Mode.

If your AirTag is found by someone else, it will be possible for them to contact you and return your device — and anything it might be attached to — if it’s in Lost Mode. We’ll show you how to use it.

iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 bring an array of new features ‘next week’


iOS 14.5 will debut before the end of April.
The wait for iOS 14.5 is almost over — it’ll be out before the end of April. The same goes for iPadOS 14.5.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Apple revealed on Tuesday that iOS 14.5 and the iPad equivalent will reach customers iPhones and tablets some time “next week.” These include a rush of new features, like unlocking an iPhone with an Apple Watch. And a controversial change that make it harder for apps to track users for ads.

To help make the launches possible, developers were given access to the release candidates for these upcoming operating system versions on Tuesday. They can both look for bugs and  test their own applications with the new OS versions.

This silicone case ‘fixes’ Apple TV’s accursed Siri Remote [Review]


With the Elago R4 Retro silicone case, you can say goodbye to losing your Apple TV Siri Remote.
Say goodbye to losing your Apple TV Siri Remote.
Photo: Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

In pictures, the Apple TV’s sleek Siri Remote looks like a total winner. In practice, it’s a bit of a disaster. Luckily, the fix is in: Elago’s inexpensive R4 Retro case makes the Siri Remote easier to use and harder to lose.

Plus, the silicone sleeve looks sporty and provides some protection to the surprisingly fragile Apple TV remote.

How to play PC games on your Mac with Steam Link


Set up Steam Link for Mac
All your favorite PC games on your Mac for free.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Who said a Mac is no good for gaming? It’s now possible to play the latest PC games on any machine running macOS 10.13 or higher, thanks to the brand-new Steam Link app that just hit the Mac App Store.

The free download, which weighs in at less than 30MB, puts all your favorite titles at your fingertips. We’ll show you how to set it up.

HoverBar Duo cleverly combines tablet desktop stand with shelf clamp [Review]


Twelve South HoverBar Duo review
The Twelve South HoverBar Duo securely holds an iPad on a desk, or it can be clamped to a shelf.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

With Twelve South’s HoverBar Duo, it’s not necessary to choose between an iPad stand that sits on a desk and one that clamps to a shelf — this accessory does both. And it has a two-piece articulated arm to give a wide range of positioning options. Plus it clamps tightly onto a tablets of many sizes.

I put this stand through its paces, and here’s how it stood up to real-world use.

Simple setup forgoes speakers, rocks Palm Vx as desk clock [Setups]


AirPods Max and Pro stand in for speakers in this setup, which uses a Palm Vx as a desk clock.
AirPods Max and Pro stand in for speakers in this setup, which uses a Palm Vx as a desk clock.
Photo: Singulaffect @ Reddit

Redditor Singulaffect stirred up a swarm of comments recently when posting a MacBook Pro-based setup featuring an LG 21-inch 4K display but no speakers — and two sets of AirPods. But what really stole the show was a Palm Vx from 1999.